June 18, 2006

Another Smith Coffey

This Smith Coffey was the son of Thomas Coffey and Elizabeth Smith, Thomas being a son of John Coffey and Jane Graves. Thomas was born Mar. 7, 1742 in Essex Co., VA and died Apr., 1825 in Wilkes Co., NC. His will was made Jan. 29, 1825, Wilkes Co., NC, and lists 14 children, six by first wife [Elizabeth], and eight by second [Sally Fields].1

Smith was the sixth child born to Elizabeth, and her fourth son. He was born c1776 in Albemarle Co., VA, and died in Cherokee Co., NC c1839. He married Hannah Boone, a daughter of Jesse Boone and Sarah McMahan probably around 1800.

To them were born at least seven children: Squire who married first Nancy Moore, and second Allie Webb; John Morgan, born c1805, and married Elizabeth Day; Leland, born c1806 in North Carolina and married Myra Day; Sarah, born c1808 in North Carolina and married William Puett; Isaac, born c1814 in North Carolina and married Sarah (Sally) Estes; Athan, born Jan. 27, 1820 in North Carolina and married Mary (Polly) McGuire; and lastly Millie, born c1822 who first married Wiley Stanley then John Tritt.

I have completed the "easy" census work (e.g., 1850-1880) for John Morgan Coffey and his wife Elizabeth Day. A number of on-line genealogies give them upwards to 14 or 15 children, sometimes more. The couple married prior to 1835 because their first child was born c1835. So, it is possible that they married well before 1835 and had children before that year.

The 1850-1880 census lists their children as:

Amelia, born c1835; Hannah, born c1837; Mary A., born c1839; Sarah Jane, born c1841; Elizabeth, born c1843; Harriet, born c1845; Athan Smith, born Oct., 1847; Leland L. (Lee), born c1850; Louisa, born c1854; Josiah, born c1855; Francis C., born c1857; and Susan, born c1860. All of the children through Athan were born in Burke Co., NC. Leland through Josiah were born in Cherokee Co., NC and Susan in Union Co., GA.

I have additional information on some of the John Morgan Coffey children and their descendants. Contact me for more information.

1 Coffey Cousins newsletter, Mar. 1997, and Mary Throneburg, 2082 Throneburg Rd., Morganton, NC 28655.

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