June 23, 2006

Edward Coffey Books and Photos Available

Update Sep. 11, 2008: This offer no longer valid. See blog side bar for offer of CD.


I have created an Adobe PDF book on CD from my Edward Coffey files. The book is 827 pages, includes all sources and is fully indexed. Also included on this CD are all of the photographs that appear in the book, except that they are larger and can be saved to your hard drive. Users of this CD will have to have the free Adobe reader . Just insert the disk into the CD-ROM drive and access it through the file explorer. Double click on the file name to open it.

Also, I have created a Roots Magic book on CD that looks exactly like the pages that users view when they click on the Edward Coffey link on the Coffey Cousins' website. This file is up to date as of yesterday, June 22, 2006. This is a self-starting CD so users will have to have their CD-ROM drive set to "autoplay."

With this CD users can copy the files to their hard drive and, if using Roots Magic, access them with that program. The files are "read only" when moved from CD to HD, but that can be easily changed and the files can be edited.

If a GEDCOM is preferred over the Roots Magic files, I can do that as well. However, users should be aware that some data stored in a GEDCOM created by Roots Magic may not be properly moved over into a program such as Family Tree Maker. There's nothing wrong with either program; it's just that most genealogy programs do not place the same information in the same places in each of their programs. A Roots Magic or Family Tree Maker GEDCOM might have a field or two that the other does not have, so information in those fields may not move over to the new program.

Caveat Emptor!

I will ship postage paid any of these CDs to US addresses only for $15 each, or two for $25. I will have to check postage for orders from outside the US.

There's a lot of work in these two resources, and well worth the cost.

Questions and/or orders can be sent to me here:

Note: Price per CD is now $7.50 for materials and postage.

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