July 1, 2006

Dead Fred

Have you discovered "Dead Fred?"

I think I might have been able to come up with a more appropriate name for this site which touts itself as a "genealogy photo archive." The site owners write: "Trace your roots for FREE with our searchable database containing thousands of identified and mystery photos for genealogy enthusiasts looking for long-lost family. Anyone who finds a photo of a direct ancestor that is owned by the archive will receive the photo for free."

A search from the main page for Coffee and Coffey returned several hits, but little to no genealogical information on the persons pictured.

Visit "Dead Fred" by clicking on the title link.

Some readers have asked me about the "caveat emptor" warning in the blog offering CD books and photos pertaining to the Edward Coffey family. That warning pertains to the GEDCOM offer. I just wanted to alert users to the fact that some data in my GEDCOM might not transfer properly to their genealogy program. Data will be properly imported into the Roots Magic program, my personal choice for recording genealogy information.

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