June 1, 2006

Henry Kelly (Caleb) and Sarah Jane Gragg Coffey

Henry Kelly (Caleb) Coffey was born Aug. 24, 1861 in Caldwell Co., NC, a son of Asbury James and Chainey Gragg Coffey. Henry married Sarah Jane in 1885 in Globe, Caldwell Co. Sarah was born Jan. 24, 1867 in Caldwell Co., and died of pneumonia Jun. 2, 1906 in Caldwell Co. Henry died of a stroke on Jul. 21, 1911 in Caldwell Co. Both are buried in the Estes Cemetery in that county.

Together, Henry and Sarah had ten children:

Wallace E. Coffey
Wallace E. Coffey, Apr 1858-1968

Charles Riston Coffey
Charles Riston Coffey (1892-1966)
Ellis Empsey Coffey
Ellis Empsey Coffey (1895-1965)
Beeler Ester Coffey
Beeler Ester Coffey (1890-1965)

Josie Ella Nora Coffey
Josie Ella Coffey Sherfey (1900-1983)

Photos not available for: Docia Ann, born Jul. 27, 1886, died Dec. 11, 1886;  Robey James, born Jul. 16, 1887, died Oct. 19, 1957; Dartha Jane, born Jan. 29, 1898, died May 21, 1931; Josie Ella Nora, born Mar. 11, 1900, died Apr. 24, 1983; Herman Herbert, born Apr. 3, 1902, died c1919

Photographs courtesy Mary Ann Sherfey Westman

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