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Reuben G. Coffey

Reuben G. Coffey married Nancy Giles, sister of William's wife, Elizabeth. I have not researched the Giles family, and do not know of anyone currently researching that family. Some that I have exchanged info with tell me that the Giles sisters were daughters of William and Margaret Giles, but I have no independent supporting data. Reuben and Nancy were married Sep. 5, 1801 in Amherst Co., VA. Reuben died Nov. 24, 1845 in Nelson Co.

Nancy must have died sometime shortly after the birth of her 11th child in 1824, because Reuben married for a second time, this time to Margaret Snead. Their first known child was born c1832. But, because Reuben had so many young children to care for by himself, he and Margaret may have married much earlier than it appears by the birth date of that first child.

Children by Nancy:

Margaret Susanna, born c1803, died c1877, married John W. Coffey, son of Edmond Stewart, Jr., and Matilda (Tildy) Fitzgerald Coffey. Children: Nancy, born c1823; Mildred Annister (Milly), born c1828; John Henry, born c1832; Colston H., born c1833.

Mildred Ray (Millie), born Dec. 20, 1803, died Mar. 14, 1883, married John Everitt. Children: Nancy R., born Oct. 21, 1833, died Jan. 14, 1874; Susan J., born Aug. 13, 1836, died Dec. 23, 1905; Elias, born Dec. 12, 1842, died Sep. 13, 1931.

Nancy, born c1800, died c1874, married Garland Coffey Mar 17, 1825 in Nelson Co., VA, son of William and Elizabeth Giles Coffey. Children: William, born c1826; Nancy, born c1829; Reuben Wetzel, b orn Jul. 4, 1832,died Dec. 3, 1903; Jesse C., born Jan. 12, 1833, died Aug. 5, 1887; Elizabeth A., born c1834; John W., born c1839; Moses, born c1842; Harrison, born c1844; Alfred, born c1846.

Frances, born c1810, died Nov. 27, 1886, married Woodson Robert Fitzgerald on Aug. 23, 1830

Children: Mary Jane, born Mar. 17, 1834, died Feb. 14, 1922; Edward Addison, born c1838, died 1915; Philander Hersey, born Feb. 1844; Sarah Ann, born Sep. 12, 1846, died Apr. 15, 1926; Napoleon Dewey, born c1850, and Josephine, born c1852.

Winny, born Apr. 15, 1812, died Jan. 10, 1890, married Silas M. Ramsey May 3, 1834 in Nelson Co., VA.

Sarah Jane, born c1812, married William W. Coffey Feb. 18, 1832, another son of William and Elizabeth Giles Coffey. Children: James H., born c1833; William Montebello, born Apr. 15, 1834, died Jun. 26, 1905; Robert W., born c1834, died c1905; Peter J., born c1837, died Sep. 28, 1925; Marvel Maurice, born c1838, died May 20, 1862; Joseph Rodney, born Sep. 29, 1841, died Jun. 5, 1883; Elizabeth, born Jun. 21, 1845; Zachariah, born c1849; Mary, born Jun. 8, 1853.

Reuben C., born c1814, married Margaret Bolling May 7, 1840 in Nelson Co. Children: Marcellus B., born c1843 and Augustus, born c1847; Elizabeth, born c1816, married Joshua Madison Ramsey Sep. 30, 1850 in Nelson Co. One known child was Editha Ramsey, born c1860. Joshua's previous wife was Nancy Steele. Mary, born c1820, married Zephaniah Fitzgerald Aug. 27, 1833; Achiles Washington, born Aug. 8, 1844, died Feb. 5, 1917; Emily, born c1821; Lucy Ann, born c1824.

Children by Margaret Snead:

Meredith J., born c1832, married Mildred H. Carr Mar. 24, 1854 in Nelson Co. Children were Mary Jane, born Mar. 4, 1855, died Jun. 24, 1939; Martha N., born c1858

James Solomon, born c1833, married Elizabeth Hatter Mar. 19, 1855; children: Queenetta; Susanna R., Anna S., Amelia M., Lallie T., and James P.

Missouri A., born c1836

Amanda Jane, born c1846, married Philander Hersey Fitzgerald, son of Woodson Robert and Frances C. Coffey Fitzgerald. Frances was daughter of Reuben and Nancy Giles Coffey. Children were Ruth J., James J., Linda J., Anna P., Perry D., Dora, and Gilbert W.

The Will of Reuben G. Coffey:

Will: Reuben G. Coffey Source: Nelson Co., VA Will Book G, Page 173.

Contributor: Shirley Houk

I Reuben G. Coffey, of the County of Nelson & State of Virginia being of sound mind and disposing memory, but weak in body, do make and constitute this to be my last will and testament revoking all will or wills made by me.

1st. My desire is that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid in the most convenient way that my executors may think proper, whom I shall hereafter name

2nd. I give to my daughters Betsey and Lucy and my son Reuben C. Coffey my tract of land on the Fork Mountain where Forbesh formerly lived, to be equally divided between them, share and share alike.

3rd. I give to my Reuben C. Coffey, my Cupboard and Bureau extra for past favors he had done for me which he shall not be accountable to my estate for in any future division. I also deem it unnecessary to say anything about the disposition of the negro girl Daskus which I formerly owned as I have heretofore sold and she is now the property of my son Reuben C. Coffey for which he has the bill of sale.

4th. I heretofore sold a tract of land lying on the Fork Mountain known by Clarks place to William W. Coffey for the payment of Six Thousand pounds of Toba which is hereafter to be paid and my desire is that the said sale shall stand good by one third of the payment or bond for said payment to be given to my wife, Margaret on the condition that she joins my executor or legal representative in making right of said to the said William W. Coffey.

5th. I give to my beloved wife, Margaret during her natural life or second marriage the one third part of all my estate of every description, which is not before disposed of to be enjoyed by her and her three children Meredith, Soloman and ____ and at the death of my wife Margaret, or second Marriage, she is at liberty to dispose of ?? childrens part between all my children in any that she may think proper, of the third part left to her.

6th. The other two thirds of my estate, at my death, my desire is that it shall be equally divided between all my children Milly, Polly, Nancy, Susan, Jane, Betsey, Fanny, Reuben, Winny, Lucy, Emily, Meredith, Solomon and ____ share and share alike taking into consideration what I have heretofore advanced to them which advancement I have made in writing.

7th. The One third part of my estate which I gave to my beloved wife Margaret during her natural life or second marriage after the childrens part, I gave her the liberty to take out at her death or second marriage my will is that the balance be also equally divided between all my children as before named share and share alike.

Lastly I do hereby appoint my son Reuben C. Coffey my executor of this my last will and testament. Given under my hand this 22nd day of September 1825.

Reuben G. (X) Coffey
Joseph B. Coffey
Nancy Campbell
Nancy Parrish
Sylvanus Meeks

At a Court held for Nelson County the 2_th day of November 1845 This last will and testament of Reuben G. Coffey decd, was this day presented in said Court and proved by the oaths of Sylvanus Meeks and Joseph B. Coffey, two subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded. And on the motion of Reuben C. Coffey the executor named in said Will, who made oath thereto and together with Nelson Clarkson his security entered in and acknowledged a bond in the penalty of Six hundred dollars conditioned according to law certificate is granted him for obtaining probate of said Will in due form of law.
Teste Sp. Garland, Ck.

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