August 19, 2006

William and Reuben G. Coffey

William, born c1775 and Reuben, born c1777 were brothers, sons of Edmond Stewart and Nancy Barnett Coffey. They married sisters: William to Elizabeth (Betsy) Giles on Apr. 18, 1800 in Amherst Co., VA; Reuben to Nancy on Sep. 5, 1801 also in Amherst Co. Parents of the Giles women are thought to be William and Margaret Giles.

William and Betsy had at least seven children:

- Garland, born c1802, died c1874. He married his first cousin, Nancy Coffey, daughter of his uncle Reuben G. and Nancy Giles Coffey. Their children were: William, born c1826; Nancy, born c1829; Reuben Wetzel, born Jul. 4, 1832, died Dec. 3, 1903; Jesse C., born Jan. 12, 1833, died Aug. 5, 1887; Elizabeth A., born c1834; John W., born c1839; Moses, born c1842; Harrison, born c1844; and Alfred, born c1846

- Holloway Stewart, born c1803 in Amherst Co., died Mar. 24, 1878 in Nelson Co., VA. He married Catherine (Kate) Fitzgerald on Aug. 11, 1831 in Nelson Co. She was born c1814, and died Jun. 12, 1855. Their children were: Dadid A., born c1832, died c1894; Ardenia, born c1835; Nancy E., born c1841; Alexander S., born Mar. 2, 1844, died Jul. 20, 1929; Fluvanna Margaret, born c1850, died 1934; and Aquilla E., born Nov. 20, 1852, died Apr. 17, 1911.

Holloway was married at least four times. His second wife was Caroline Campbell, but there were no known children. He married Delilah Snead May 24, 1864 in Nelson Co., and at least one child, William H. (1865-1930) was born to that union. He married his fourth wife, Virginia E. Bryant on Sep. 2, 1869 in Nelson Co. Their children were: Willie Anna, born c1872; Holloway Stewart, born Nov. 25, 1872, died Jul. 16, 1953; Elvira F., born Apr. 7, 1877, died May 29, 1960; and Charles A., born Oct. 23, 1878, died May 3, 1953.

- Annister, born c1805; no information

- William W., born c1811, died Jul, 1886. He also married a first cousin, Sarah Jane Coffey, sister to Nancy who married Garland. They were married Feb. 18, 1832 in Nelson Co. Sarah was born c1812. Their children were: James H., born c1833; William Montebello, born Apr. 15, 1834, died Jun. 26, 1905; Robert W., born c1834, died Jun. 26, 1905 [death dates are questionable for both Wm. and Robert]; Peter J., born c1837, died Sep, 28, 1925; Marvel Maurice, born c1838, died May. 20, 1862; Joseph Rodney, born Sep. 29, 1841, died Jun. 5, 1883; Elizabeth N. J., born Jun. 21, 1845; Zacchariah, born c1849; and Mary S., born Jun. 8, 1853.

There is a William, age 44, and Jane, age 43 in the 1850 Nelson Co. census. Some of the children's name match those of this William and Jane, but not all, and not all ages matches those of the children here.

William Montebello enlisted on July 10, 1861 at Fairfield, Va at the age of 27 years old into Capt. William Long's "Waynesboro Guards " Co. B, 52nd Va Infantry. On Sept 28, 1861 he transferred to the 2nd (VA) Rockbridge Light Artillery. On May 31, 1862 he was marked AWOL, but also marked present. On Nov 15, 1862 he was marked AWOL. On Dec 11, 1862 he was hospitalized at Staunton, Va., and on Jan 15, 1863 he was on the rolls and present for duty. On June 8, 1863 he was again hospitalized, and on Sept 15, 1863 marked Present. On Dec 7, 1863 he was hospitalized at Charlottesville, Va, and on April 30, 1864 marked present on the rolls. On Sept 30, 1864 he was hospitalized and furloughed to Arlington at Richmond, Va. On Feb 15, 1865 he was again absent due to sickness.

Robert enlisted at about the same time as brother William Montebello at Fairfield, Rockbridge Co., VA into Capt. William Long's Co., B, 52d VA Inf. On Oct. 14, 1863 he was wounded at Bristor Station, VA. He is also credited with service in the Rockbridge, VA Light Artillery.

Peter enlisted on July 10, 1861 at Fairfield, Va at the of 25 years old in Capt. William Long's Co. "Waynesboro Guards," Co. B, 52nd Va Infantry. On Sept 28, 1861 he transferred into the 2nd (VA)Rockbridge Light Artillery. He was later absent without leave, and was courtmartialed, and fined $24.00. On Jan 15, 1863 he was marked Present. On Feb 15, 1863 he was promoted to 3rd Corpl, and on April 13, 1863 reported absent due to sickness. On May 15, 1863 he was again marked Present but on June 6, 1864 marked Absent, sick. On Sept 30, 1864 he was hospitalized with "debility" in Richmond, Va. On Nov 15, 1864 he was marked Present. He was Surrendered at Appomattox Court House, Va. on Apr. 19, 1865.

Marvel enlisted on July 10, 1861 at Fairfield, Va at the age of 21 years old into Capt. William Long's Co. " Waynesboro Guards " Co. B, 52nd Va Infantry. On Sept 28, 1861 he transferred to the VA 2nd Rockbridge Light Artillery, and on May 20, 1862 he died of disease at Staunton, Va.

- Edmund, born c1812 married Martha Snead on Aug. 25, 1834 in Nelson Co. They had at least 10 children: Hezekiah, born c1834, died Jul. 1863 at Gettysburg while serving with Co. F., 49th Inf. Reg., CSA; Wyatt W., born c1838; George Washington, born c1840 in VA, and appeared with his wife and family in Nelson Co. from 1860 to 1880, and 1900 and 1920 as a widower in that county. I have not found him in the 1910 census; James E., born c1843; Robert Wesley, born c1835, married first cousin, Elizabeth Coffey, dau. of Garland and Nancy Coffey Coffey. He later married Mary Etta Bryant in Nelson Co. on Feb. 24, 1904; William D., born 4 Oct. 1845, died Mar. 1916 in VA. Married Samantha Elizabeth Campbell in 1866 and appears in the 1870-1880, and 1920 Nelson Co. census record; Floyd Lee, born 22 Sep, 1848, married Mrs. Mary Jane Weaver on 11 Dec. 1873 in Nelson Co. They appear in that county's census in 1880, and 1900-1910; Mary Ann, born c1851, married Lewis Perkins Fitzgerald on 5 Mar. 1868. I found this in 1880 in the Nelson Co. census; Martha Jane, born c1856, married William H. (Bill) Taylor in 1875; Alice, born c1862 in Nelson Co.

Edmond later married Mary (Polly) Monroe on Sep. 5, 1867 and had children Henry Thomas, born Jun. 19, 1867, died Jan. 19, 1955; and Anna Bell, born Oct. 15, 1865, died Jun. 17, 1939.

- George Washington, born c1814, married Rachel A. Their children were: Letitia, born c1842; Ryland, born c1846; Lahai, born c1852; Joseph Marshall, born Jul. 18, 1854, died Feb. 27, 1930; Violet, born c1959, and William Henry, born c1862.

- Wyatt Wesley, born c1820, died Oct. 1, 1859, married Nancy Coffey [parents unknown], born c1827 in VA. Their children were J. H. Vanvert, born c1849; Zachariah, born c1852; Mildred, born c1854; Elizabeth, born c1856; and Cyrus, born May 6, 1860, died Jan. 23, 1930

Reuben and Nancy had at least 11 children. I will write more on them in a future release.

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