August 8, 2006

Tillman Taylor Coffey (Update)

Dottie Crawford, a daughter of George Norman Coffey (Nessel), he a son of Augustus Benjamin (Buster) Coffey, has updated the information contained in the original article about Tillman Taylor Coffey, a brother to Augustus. Click on the title link to read that information.

Dottie's listing of Tillman and Gladys' children is as follows:

June J., born 1916
Gladys Emma, born 1919
Vera A., born Aug. 23, 1922, died Oct. 16, 2000
Bernice Lorraine, born Dec. 16, 1924, died Dec. 19, 1995
Mamie Helen, born Jan. 26, 1927, died May 28, 1977
John Taylor, born Jun. 17, 1929, died Sep. 19, 1995
Vernon, born Aug. 5, 1931
David Lloyd, born Dec. 25, 1936
William Carl, born May 17, 1937


  1. Anonymous12:36 PM

    I am Bernice Lorraine Coffey"s daughter, Kathryn Eileen Pryer.

    Vernon Coffey drowned while fishing in Alaska.

    Also My Uncle Willian Carl Is one year older his birthday is May 15, 1936 and David Lloyd's birthday is November 25, 1939.

    Hope this hasd been some help.
    Bill Coffey knows quite a bit of our history and loves to talk with people about it. He lives in Warrenton, Oregon

  2. Thank you for the corrections, Bernice!!



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