September 30, 2006

George "Gabby" Hayes

While researching Coffey and Hayes families, I found this:

Born May 7, 1885 in New York, George "Gabby" Hayes was trained on the Vaudville stage. He began his film career in about 1928 and appeared in several films with a young John Wayne, and other western actors. He starred in a number of films with Hopalong Cassidy as his sidekick "Windy Halliday." George always said that he hated westerns because they all looked alike. After leaving the Cassidy films he continued in westerns, but was not allowed to use the name "Windy." He chose instead the name that most of us remember: Gabby Hayes. and continued to appear in westerns.

If interested, click on the title link to search Google for more George "Gabby" Hays information. Click on the census image and scroll down to family 253 where you will find Gabby and his wife Olive as roomers in the Manken house. George had lost most of his money in the 1929 stock market crash and for a little while was reduced to living in rooming houses.

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