October 2, 2006

Samuel and Mildred Coffey Coleman

Samuel Coleman was born c1752, probably in Virginia, and died Jul. 23, 1824 in Eadsville, Wayne Co., KY. He was the son of James and Elizabeth Leake Coffey who also had a daughter named Lucy, who married Evan Thomas Watson.

Mildred was the fourth child and second daughter of William and Elizabeth Osborne Coffey, and was born c1765 in Virginia. She died Sep. 28, 1823 in Todd Co., KY.

Samuel and Mildred were married c1783 in Virginia.* The couple had at least seven children:

- Elizabeth Leake, born May 6, 1786, died Aug. 2, 1862, married Collin McKinney Apr. 8, 1805 Lincoln Co., KY
- Ann C., born Aug. 12, 1788, died Sep. 24, 1856
- James, born c1790, died Dec. 5, 1852
- John, born c1792, died 1833, married Susannah Watson Feb. 1, 1814 in Madison Co., KY
- Martha (Patsy), born 1794
- Polly O., born 1802, died 1837, married Ambrose Douthet Mar. 20, 1820 in Christian Co., KY
- Lucy, born Nov. 17, 1803, died Apr. 13, 1862, married Coleman Watson Sep. 13, 1821.

The children's grandfather was William Coffey who married Elizabeth Osborne. William was a son of John Coffey and Jane Graves. It is suspected that William and Elizabeth's second child and first daughter, Jane, born c1761, was the mother of Jordon Coffey by an unknown father. Jane eventually married Benjamin Hawkins Fitzgerald.

Jordon has been written about in this blog several times as the founder of "Coffey Town" in Amherst Co., VA. William and Elizabeth spent most of their lives along the Tye River in Amherst Co., that was later in Nelson Co. Some records for William can also be found in Augusta Co. dating from 1780 to 1792, and some as late at 1819.

Please contact me if you can add to or correct any of this information.

*Marriages of Fredericksville Parish, in Papers of the Albemarle Co. Historical Society, Vol 6, p57

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