October 3, 2006

David A. and Mary Jane Fitzgerald Coffey

David was the son of Holloway Stewart and Catherine Fitzgerald Coffey. He was born 1832 in Virginia and died in Nelson Co., VA in 1894. Mary Jane was born 1843, probably in Virginia, and died 1923 in Virginia. They were married Nov. 16, 1858* in Nelson Co., VA. Both are buried in the White Rock Cemetery in Nelson Co.

Their children were:

- Dilly Jane, born c1860, Nelson Co., VA
- Nicey, born c1864, Nelson Co., VA
- Nancy E., born c1867, Nelson Co., VA. Nancy married A. J. Bryant, born c1862 in VA, married Nov. 21, 1883 in Nelson Co.
- Eli Davis, born Feb. 2, 1868, died Oct. 29, 1942.

Eli married his first cousin Frances Catherine Coffey, daughter of Alexander S. and Sarah Ann Fitzgerald Coffey. Alexander and David were brothers. They were the parents of Simona A., born c1890-91; Zina, born c1892, died Feb. 27, 1927, married Henry Taylor; Hercy F., born Jul. 9, 1895, died May 28, 1956; Guandora, born c1898; and Lester Thornton, born Jun. 12, 1901, died Aug. 26, 1964.

- Mary J., born c1872
- Malinda F., born c1874
- Floyd Fletcher, born 1878, died Mar. 20, 1934.

Floyd married Lola Bertha Fitzgerald Jan. 4, 1900 in Nelson Co. They were parents of Lydia Bell, born Jan. 15, 1905, died Aug. 13, 1990; Louise R., born c1910; Mamie G., born c1913; and Virginia, born c1916. Floyd died Mar. 20, 1934 in Nelson Co. Lola's death date is unknown, but both are buried in the White Rock Cemetery in Nelson Co.

- Belle, born c1884

Please contact me if you can add to or correct any of this information.

*Marriage Register, Nelson Co., VA, Book No. 2, 1854 - 1926; 16 Nov 1858, David A. Coffey, age 27 yrs., to Mary J. Fitzgerald, age 16 yrs., parents of groom: Holloway and Catherine Coffey; parents of bride: Spottswood and Nancy Fitzgerald

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