October 9, 2006

Families of Kimble County [Texas]

The following appeared in the Coffey Cousins' newsletter of Sep. 1996. It was presented by the editor Bonnie Culley from information received from Frederica Burt Wyatt of Junction, TX when she (Bonnie) visited the Junction Museum in June, 1996. At the time, the contact address for Frederica was PO Box 271, Junction, TX 76849.

John Wright Coffey by Lilburn Walker and Johnnye Walker Brown

John Wright Coffey, son of Richard Coffey and Sarah Greathouse, was born June 21, 1856 in Granbury, Hood Co. He went to Concho Co. as a small child where his father established the Rich Coffey Ranch where John grew to manhood.

On Dec. 31, 1874, he married Mary Adeline Brown. Mary was born Jan. 30, 1858 to Albert Burlison and Sarah Upton Brown.

John and Mary's children were: Fannie Josephine, born Feb. 28, 1876 in Concho Co., died Nov. 12, 1920, married Jesse Allen Walker; Samuel Albert, born Nov. 9, 1878 in Concho Co., died Dec. 27, 1950, married Alice Van; Lillie Belle, born Jul. 15, 1881 in Concho Co., died Dec. 28, 1965 in Menard Co., married George Nathan Walker; Sarah Susan, born June 16, 1884 in Concho Co., died March 29, 1945, married Dee H. Whetstone; twins - Walter Lee, born Aug. 17, 1890 in Kimble Co., died Oct. 21, 1931, married Anna Terry; Charles Richard, born Aug. 17, 1890 in Kimble Co., died July 13, 1959, married Belle Thurman; Jesse born Aug. 11, 1897, died Mar. 6, 1936, married Nola Taylor.

In 1886 John and Mary Coffey brought their family from Concho Co. to Kimble Co. where they settled on a ranch on Little Devil's River. He was a life-long member of the Masonic Lodge. Mary Coffey died Dec. 19, 1919. She is buried in Noxville Cemetery.

While a great portion of John Coffey's life had been spent in the cattle business, in the years before his death he stocked his rance with goats and was considered one of the region's most substantial citizens. He was a consistent believer in progress and was always to be in the forfront [sic] of every movement for the betterment of his community. He believed in good schools and roads, and it was one of his cherished ambitions to see his community be connected with Junction, the county seat by a highway. He saw the realization of that hope in the last five years before his death.

He was known as "Uncle John" to hosts of friends. He also was known as "Colonel" Coffey to many, although he never saw service as a soldier.

John Coffey married Libbie Rush of London, TX on Nov. 30, 1933. He died Aug. 21, 1934 at his ranch in Kimble County. He is buried in the Noxville Cemetery.

[See http://www.rootsweb.com/~txrunnel/submitted/bio-coffey.htm for additional information on Rich Coffey]

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