October 9, 2006

Family History Archives

Have you checked out the Brigham Young University on-line Family History Archives?

I did a quick search and found three fully reproduced books that contain references to some Coffey families available for download:

The Hawk Family by E. L. (Ellis Leroy) Hawk, Nov. 15, 2000. A description of the book reads: Ellis Leroy Hawk, Jr. was born 24 March 1926 in Seymour, Indiana. His parents were Ellis Leroy Hawk (b. 1898) and Edna Linke (b. 1901). Chapter XXVII begins with Edward Coffey and Ann Powell and continues through Chapter XXX with Calvin Coffey and Josephine Simmonds. Chapter XXXI covers Thomas Powell and Mary Place. There is one page of photographs of the Calvin Coffey family.

The well-known Laurence H. Coffey book Thomas Coffey and his Descendants is also available for download.

The third book is titled Wolfe and Hickman of East Tennessee by David B. Trimble, © 2004, Austin, Texas. The index contains references to a number of Coffey families.

There were no results when I searched for Coffee.

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