November 19, 2006

George Washington Coffey (1870-1940)

I recently found a death certificate for George Washington Coffey, born Dec. 15, 1870, died Nov. 10, 1940 in West Virginia. The certificate lists his father as Marval [sic] Coffey, and his mother as Mary Ann Coffey.

In my files I have Mary Ann Coffey, daughter of Marvel and Nancy E. Pendley Coffey, born Jun. 10, 1850 in Caldwell Co., NC, died Jan. 15, 1910, also in Caldwell Co. Until now I did not know who her husband, and father of her children was: John Kelley, born c1869; George Washington, and Elizabeth G., born Oct. 6, 1873.

But, now I'm confused [not unusual at all!]. Who was Marvel descended from? Did the informant for George's death certificate make a mistake and give his grandfather's name instead?

Please contact me if you can help!

Update Mar. 31, 2012

Marvel and Nancy Pendley Coffey were enumerated in the 1850 and 1860 Kings Creek Twp., Caldwell Co., NC census with a daughter named Mary. In 1850 she was 11 months old and in 1860 she was 12 years old.  In 1870 the family was still in Kings Creek Twp., and Mary, now aged 20, was enumerated as a "domestic servant."

Mary "the daughter" is said to be the mother of three children without benefit of marriage: John Kelly, born c1869; George Washington, born Dec. 15, 1870, died Nov. 10, 1940 in Williamson, Mingo Co., WV; and Elizabeth Jeanette "Lizzie," born Oct. 6, 1873 died May 18, 1958 in Lenoir, Caldwell Co.

There is a marriage record in Mingo Co., WV for John K. Coffey to Mary Crotts on which John names his parents as "Marvel & Mary Ann Coffey."

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Jeanette was married first to Julius F. Barnett* on Nov. 18, 1893 at Kings Creek. On Nov. 8, 1911 she married Frank Wilson** at Granite Falls in Lovelady Twp., Caldwell Co.  Elizabeth died on May 18, 1958 at Lenoir.  The informant named on her death certificate was Mrs. Nellie Triplett, Lizzie's daughter, born to the Julius Barnett marriage.  The certificate names Lizzie's mother as Mary Ann Coffey but the father's name was "Not Obtainable."

So, I now have two of Mary's children who claim Marvel and Mary Ann Coffey as their father.  The third child only names Mary Ann as the mother.

Now, when Mary, the "domestic servant," appeared in the 1870 census, she was apparently the mother of the child John Kelly, age 1 year in that census.   Four years later, Mary "the daughter" married William Zachariah Maltba*** and lived with him until her death in 1910.

In the 1880 Caldwell Co. census, Zacariah [sic] Maltba and wife Mary A., had children (among others): John K., age 11; George, age 9 and Elizabeth, age 6, all of which appear to be the same children attributed to Mary Ann by documents mentioned herein.  Although not enumerated with the Coffey surname, they were much too old to have been children resulting from the Zachariah and Mary Ann union.

So, what are we to make from all this?  Mary who married Zachariah Maltba named Marvel Coffey as her father.  Was Mary's father also the father of her first three children?  Was there another Marvel?  Was Mary "the domestic servant" another Mary Coffey?  Was Mary "the daughter" also Mary "the domestic servant?"

The Maltba family remained in Kings Creek the remainder of their lives.  Elizabeth "Lizzie" remained in the Kings Creek area during her marriages to Barnett and Wilson while the two boys, John K. and George Washington moved on to West Virginia.

Anyone have this figured out?

 *Groom's Name: Julius F. Barnett Groom's Birth Date: 1866 Groom's Birthplace: Groom's Age: 27 Bride's Name: Lizzie Coffey Bride's Birth Date: 1873 Bride's Birthplace: Bride's Age: 20 Marriage Date: 18 Nov 1893 Marriage Place: Kings Creek Twp, Caldwell, North Carolina Groom's Father's Name: Thos. H. Barnett Groom's Mother's Name: Sarah Barnett Bride's Father's Name: Bride's Mother's Name: Mary Ann Maltba Groom's Race: White Groom's Marital Status: Groom's Previous Wife's Name: Bride's Race: White Bride's Marital Status: Bride's Previous Husband's Name: Indexing Project (Batch) Number: M74468-8 System Origin: North Carolina-EASy Source Film Number: 590346 Reference Number 

 **groom's name:N. F. Wilson groom's birth date:1862 groom's birthplace: groom's age:49 bride's name:Lizzie Barnett bride's birth date:1874 bride's birthplace: bride's age:37 marriage date:08 Nov 1911 marriage place:Granite Falls, Lovelady Twp, North Carolina groom's father's name:Jacob Wilson groom's mother's name:Margaret Wilson bride's father's name: bride's mother's name: groom's race:White groom's marital status: groom's previous wife's name: bride's race:White bride's marital status: bride's previous husband's name: indexing project (batch) number:M74461-8 system origin:North Carolina-EASy source film number:590349 reference number

***groom's name:Wm. Z. Maltba groom's birth date:1853 groom's birthplace: groom's age:21 bride's name:Mary A. Coffey bride's birth date:1849 bride's birthplace: bride's age:25 marriage date:25 Nov 1874 marriage place:Caldwell, North Carolina groom's father's name:Jonathan Maltba groom's mother's name:Sarah Maltba bride's father's name:Marvel Coffey bride's mother's name:Nancy Coffey groom's race: groom's marital status: groom's previous wife's name: bride's race: bride's marital status: bride's previous husband's name: indexing project (batch) number:M74468-7 system origin:North Carolina-EASy source film number:590345 reference number:bk 3

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