November 16, 2006

Watauga County, North Carolina Postoffices and Postmasters

According to the website, New River Notes and the sub-page [click on title link to read the entire list], the following Coffeys were postmasters at the location indicated. The dates are no explained, but presumed to be date of appointment.

Blowing Rock:

John S. Coffee [sic] Jul. 26, 1856
Silas C. Coffey Jul. 26, 1856
William C. Coffey Jun. 13, 1873
Thomas H. Coffey Apr. 2, 1914
Mrs. Irene S. Coffey Feb. 2, 1953
Olin Jay Coffey Jun. 5, 1953
Mrs. Irene S. Coffey Jun. 30, 1961


William C. Coffey Jun. 13, 1873


Oscar S. Coffey Jul. 15, 1905


Comodore J. Coffey Jul. 15, 1891
David N. Coffey Mar. 20, 1905

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