February 13, 2007

Bartlett Coffey of Caldwell Co., NC

Bartlett "Bart" Coffey was a son of William and Margaret Robbins Coffey. He was born in Feb., 1842 in (probably) Caldwell Co., NC. He married Mary Hicks in that county in 1874. Mary was born c1848 in North Carolina.

Mary had been previously married to Finley G. Messick with whom she had three children: Henry, born c1866; George H., born c1868; and Dugan F., born c1871. She bore at least three additional children by Bart: Thomas Franklin, born 1877 in Caldwell Co., married Mary Linglefelt, and died 1942 in that county; Bynum Nelson, born 1878 in Caldwell Co., married Eva May "Evie" Crisp in 1901, and died 1950 in that county; and Ada Hanna, born Dec. 1880 in Caldwell Co. She married Robert Amzy Woods in 1896, Caldwell Co. A death date has not been found for Hanna.

Descendants of Thomas Franklin have not yet been discovered.

Bynum Nelson and Evie Crisp Coffey has at least nine children:

Shuford Finley, born Sep. 5, 1901, died Jul. 15, 1973. He married Claudia Leigh Kirby, born Jul. 20, 1912 in Lenoir, Caldwell Co., and died Aug. 5, 1984 in Granite Falls, Caldwell Co. A marriage date has not been found. They had at least one child, a daughter named Gail Mavis Coffey, born Sep. 7, 1935 and died Mar. 25, 2003 in Caldwell Co.

Descendant information has not been found for the remaining eight children:

Fred T., born 1903, died Aug. 13, 1962
Mary Vienna, born May 15, 1905, died 1984
Ada Carolina, born 1907, died 1976
Bina Lee, born Aug. 29, 1909, died Jan. 12, 2001
Jessie M. (female), born c1912
George Stanley, born Apr. 6, 1914, died Jan. 8, 1979
Johnsie Hazel, born Jul. 17, 1916
Edgar Nelson, born 1919, died Oct. 5, 1932

Ada Hanna and Robert Woods had at least seven children:

Mary Irene, born Feb. 15, 1897; married her distant cousin John Ross Coffey, a son of John Calvin and Nancy Caroline Tuttle Coffey. Their children were Vera Caroline, born Dec. 5, 1917; Ulah Christine, born Feb. 28, 1919; John Davis, born Jun. 28, 1922, and Ada Louise, born Jun. 2, 1931.

Maggie H., born Mar., 1899; married Clarence Tuttle Coffey, brother to John Ross Coffey. They had at least one child, a son named Clarence Tuttle Coffey, Jr., born 1921.

Albert Kent, born Sep. 21, 1900 - no further information.

Jennie Christina, born c1903, died Sep. 5, 1975. She married Wilburn Cary Coffey, another brother of John Ross and Clarence Tuttle. They had at least eight children: Edgar Anson, born 1920; Virginia, born c1923; Ada Coline, born 1925, died 2001; Wilburn Cary "Bug", born Jan. 23, 1927, died Mar. 17, 2004; Betty Sue, born 1930, died 1984; Lucy Laxton, born Feb. 8, 1933, died Sep. 24, 1998; Mary Helen, born Mar. 17, 1935; and Shirley, born Sep. 1, 1938.

Aldred Newton, born 1904 died 1968 - no further information.

Robert S., born c1908 - no further information.

Ada E., born c1909 - no further information.

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