February 16, 2007

Thomas Avery & Louisa Gragg Coffey

Thomas Avery and Louisa E. Gragg CoffeyThomas Avery Coffey was a son of Austin and Mary A. Blalock Coffey. He was born June 3, 1854 in Watauga Co., NC and died Dec. 21, 1917 in Avery Co., NC. Thomas married Louisa E. Gragg on Sep. 20, 1873 in Caldwell Co. Louisa was a daughter of Johnson P. and Nancy Jane Cuthbertson Gragg. Louisa died in 1922.

They are believed to have had 10 children, but I have found only eight:
Mary Jane, born Aug., 1874, died May 26, 1955. She married Arthur Hill Dula on Oct. 11, 1892 in Watauga Co. Arthur was born Jan. 1867 in North Carolina and died Sep. 7, 1948 in that state. Their children: Clyde Lester; Charlotte Nevada; Olive M.; Beatrice Rema; Ruth Virginia; Earnest; Ruby Evelyn; Lois Esther; Cleda Elizabeth.
John Wesley, born Jan. 28, 1878 in Caldwell Co., died Mar. 17, 1962 in North Carolina. He married Kizzie Ann Hatley on Oct. 9, 1902 in Watauga Co. Kizzie was born Feb. 12, 1882 in North Carolina and died Jun. 19, 1962 in that state. Their children were: Ira Vance; Edgar Hugh; Lillian Delana; Opal; Louise; Avery Jamison; Ernest Reid; and Adell
Milton F., born about March, 1880 - no further information
 Lee Ella, born Nov., 1881 in Caldwell Co., died Dec. 16, 1963. Married 1) Joseph Commodore Church and 2) William Washington Collins
 James Hardy, born Jan. 1884 in Caldwell Co., died Apr. 5, 1936 in Avery Co., married Lillian May Gray.
Theodocia (Docia), born Aug. 28, 1884 in Caldwell Co., and died Feb. 14, 1941 in Watauga Co. She married 1) Columbus Filmore (Lum) Blalock (son of William McKesson "Keith" and Sarah Malinda Pritchard Blalock). Child by Lum was Hazel, born c1913. She married 2) Luther Farthing. Lum had previously married 1) Emma McNeely and 2) Esther Caldonia Calloway.
Emma Viola, born Nov. 2, 1888 in Caldwewll Co., died 1988 in North Carolina. She married Emory Joel Young on Dec. 28, 1907 in Watauga Co., NC. Emory was born Apr. 4, 1882 and died Mar. 14, 1929 in North Carolina. Their children were: Charles Howard; Mary Lou; Thomas Wood; Emery Hugh; Hardin Darrell; and Rawleigh Edgar.
 Kelsey A, a son, born Dec. 7, 1891 died Aug. 12, 1907 and buried at White Springs in Blowing Rock.

Thomas is buried in Avery Co. It is said that the snow was too deep to bring him to White Springs. Louisa is buried in the White Springs Cemetery in Watuaga Co.

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