February 4, 2007

Roby Columbus Coffey

Roby Columbus Coffey was called "Uncle Potter" by his family. He was born Jun. 16, 1881 to Joseph R. and Martha Elizabeth Gragg Coffey and died in Sep., 1964 in North Carolina. In about 1907 he married Lester Pearl Elrod who was born to William G. and Laura V. Green Elrod in about 1889.

Roby and Lester had nine children, all born in Watauga Co.:

Hellen, born about 1906
Dallas Eugene, born Jul. 3, 1907
Deward Belmont, born May 15, 1909, died May 6, 1994
Omer Roby, born Mar. 2, 1912, died Jul. 16, 1998
Ruby Almeda, born May 8, 1914
Dennis Owen, born Feb. 20, 1918
Edward, born Feb. 16, 1921
Unnamed dau., born Jul. 24, 1922
Unnamed dau., born Nov. 18, 1923

Although not known for certain, the last two children were likely to have been stillborn.

Deward married Maude Eliza Mays, born Nov. 17, 1909 and had at least two children: Douglas Bruce, born Feb. 5, 1952, died Jul. 23, 2003, and Deward Burris, born Jul. 21, 1942, died Aug. 22, 2004.

Omer Roby married May Tester and they had at least two children: Arthur Wayne, born Oct. 9, 1933, and Mary Janice, born Nov. 10, 1935.

I have no information on the other children.

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