February 6, 2007

Thank You!

I began this work on Dec. 7, 2004. Since then I have written 408 (this is number 409) pages.

To date, visitors have read 20,383 pages for an average of 48 pages per day. That's an average of 4.7 pages per reader or, a little over 10 readers per day. My stats show that researchers from every continent have read the posts. The stats can be skewed somewhat by the few readers who sometime spend a couple of hours, or return more than once per day and read 40 or more pages during their visit.

When I first began researching my family name I thought I was only one of a handful of Coffee/y researchers. Nearly 30 years later I find there are literally thousands researching this ancient surname.

A number of readers have chosen to share their family information, including photographs and other documents, and for that I am thankful.

It appears that many of those researchers descend from ancestors who emigrated to the United States from Ireland or England during the 19th century. By and large however, those interested are descendants of Edward Coffey and Ann Powell through their son John and wife Jane Graves.

Edward and Ann had only three known sons: John, Edward and Austes [sic]. Little to nothing is known of the last two, making John the best researched of all of their sons.

I have compiled more than 8000 of John's descendants. Here are some interesting (to me, anyway) stats:

For those who have a known birth, marriage or death date:

Average age at marriage for males: 24; for females: 21
[I thought the average for females would be lower!]

Average age at death for males: 62; for females: 61
[I thought the spread would be wider and in favor of females!]

Average children per family: 3.4 males; 2.4 females
[Again, I am surprised that the average per family is not higher.]

All in all, I am heartened by your positive response to my meager effort.

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