March 21, 2007

Charles Lewis & Emily Coffey Coffey

Charles and Emily were first cousins, once removed. Charles was the son of McCaleb and Elizabeth (Betsy) Collett Coffey while Emily was the daughter of Daniel Boone and Clarissa Estes Coffey. They were married in c1855 (married 55 years in the 1910 census) and only had two children: Julia, born c1856 and Jane E., born May 1857.

Julia married James H. Hartley c1872 in Caldwell Co. James was born in that county c1850

Their children were:

- Ella
- Charles L., born Jan., 1877, married Margaret Cowles in Caldwell Co., c1898. They had at least one child, Ruth M., born Aug., 1899
- Henry H., born Jul., 1880
- Franklin J., born Jan., 1882

Jane married Haywood G. Powell, born Sep., 1857 in North Carolina, died 1935 in Caldwell Co. They were married in Caldwell Co. in 1877. According to the 1910 census, Jane was the mother of three living children, but I have found only two:

- John Russell, born Jun. 27, 1880, married Mamie Leslie Rabb in 1900, Caldwell Co. Mamie was born in 1880 and died 1953 in Caldwell Co.

- Collett C., born Apr. 1887

Jane and Haywood were residents in the home of her parents in 1910. Also present in the household was a granddaughter, Bessie Coffey, age 11. Because Charles and Emily had only two children, both daughters, it isn't yet clear who Bessie's parents were. Likely her mother was Jane by someone other than Haywood.

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