March 15, 2007

Mary (Polly) Coffey

Mary (Polly) Coffey was the second child of Jesse and Elizabeth Riffe Coffey. She was born in Eadsville, Wayne Co., KY on Apr. 25, 1808, and died May 29, 1842 in Casey Co. She married Jeremiah Vardaman on Mar. 12, 1829 in Casey Co. Jeremiah was born May 10, 1797 in Lincoln Co., KY, and died Mar. 28, 1854 in Collin Co., TX.

According to Peter Bim Riff's Celestes, Mary's real name was Tabitha, and referred to as "Polly."

Polly and Jeremiah were parents to at least seven children:

Mary Elizabeth, born Aug. 1, 1832 in Lincoln Co., died May 1, 1877 in
Lucy Ann, born Nov. 13, 1834 in Lincoln Co., died Feb. 22, 1901 in Grayson
Co., TX
Ephriam Pennington, born Jan. 9, 1837 in KY, died Mar. 6, 1901 in Collin
Co., TX
Patsy Jane, born Jan. 29, 1838 in Lincoln Co., died Oct. 18, 1926
Jesse Morgan, born Feb. 3, 1839 in Lincoln Co., died May 17, 1903 in Denton
Co., TX.
Jeremiah, born Jan., 1840, died May, 1863 in TN
John, born and died in 1846


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