March 19, 2007

Ernest Garfield Coffey (1881-1979) - Updated Mar. 4, 2011

Ernest Garfield Coffey was a son of James Norman Coffey and Laura Ellen Hays. Ernest was born in Oregon on May 14, 1881 and died Mar. 13, 1979 in Vallejo, Solano Co., CA. He is buried in the Sunset Cemetery at Vallejo.

*His first wife was Katherine Peterson. They were married Oct. 10, 1904 in Clatsop Co., OR. Only one child is known to have been born to this union; a daughter by the name of Kattie.

He married second to Ester Martina Nelson on Jun. 27, 1908 in Clatsop Co., OR. Ester was born Mar. 29, 1889 in Oregon and died Jul. 30, 1988 in Solano Co., CA.  Her parents were Martin and Lydia Taylor Nelson, Swedish emigrants.**

Ernest and Ester were the parents of eight children: Pearl Martina, born Jan. 28, 1908; Lida Ann, born Sep. 13, 1909; Norma B., born 1911; Laura H., born c1913; Erma Louise, born Apr. 11, 1914; Nellie E., born Jan. 20, 1916; Eleanora L., born Dec. 25, 1918, died Jul. 21, 1947; Milton E., born 1920

Pearl Martina appears to have married a Mr. Barbee.  She died May 18, 1997 in Sacramento Co., CA.***

Lida (Dearie) married Glen Shirley Faxon on Jun. 11, 1927. He was born Mar. 4, 1903, and died Jan. 31, 1984. They were the parents of at least two children: Glen S., Jr., born Nov. 26, 1928, and Barbara Ester, born Feb. 5, 1933.  In his youth, Glen was a crewman aboard the USS Mongolia.  He is found on one such crew list dated Jul. 22, 1925 in which the Mongolia departed NY for San Francisco and traveled via Havana, the Panama Canal, San Diego and Los Angeles.  His parents were Willis Howe and Martha Leona Crabtree Faxon.

*Erma Louise married a Mr. Church and is said to be the mother of two children: Ernest Wesley and Paula.  Erma died Mar. 17, 1984 in Solano Co., CA.

*Eleanora married Winfield E. Bruner. Nothing else is known of her family.
When Ernest registered for the draft on Sep. 12, 1918 in Portland City, Multnomah Co., OR, he stated that he was 37 years old, born May 14, 1881. He was employed as a ship builder for Grant-Smith at Fort Fessenden in Portland, and was described as being of medium build and height with blue eyes and blond hair.

*No source
**1900 Pacific Co., Chinook Pct., ED143, Sheet 10A, dwelling 200, family 221, Nelson, Martin, head, white male, born Jan., 1858, age 42, married 11 yrs., born Sweden, parents born Sweden, year of immigration: 1889, number of years in US: 11, naturalized, fisherman; Lydia, wife, white female, born Mar., 1863, age 37, married 11 yrs., mother of 8, 7 living, born Sweden, parents born Sweden; Annie, dau., white female, born Nov., 1886, age 13, born OR; Esther, dau., white female, born Mar., 1889, age 11, born OR; Elnora, dau., white female, born Mar., 1891, age 9, born OR; Beatrice, dau., white female, born Jan., 1893, age 7, born WA; Norma, dau., white female, born Feb., 1895, age 5, born WA; Edward, son, white male, born Jun., 1897, age 2, born WA; Milton, son, white male, born Aug., 1899, age 9 mos., born WA
***Name: Pearle Martina Barbee [Pearle Martina Coffey] Social Security #: 549425450 Sex: Female Birth Date: 28 Jun 1908 Birthplace: Oregon Death Date: 18 May 1997 Death Place: Sacramento Mother's Maiden Name: Nelson Father's Surname: Coffey

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