April 13, 2007

Hillie Horton Coffey

Hillie was a son of Gilliam and Susan D. Gragg Coffey and was born Jul. 31, 1887 in Caldwell Co., NC. He died there on Mar. 30, 1963. He married Bessie McLean in Caldwell Co. in 1908 when Bessie was 15 years old.

Their first child was unnamed and was born Mar. 16, 1921 and died shortly thereafter. Their second was James Harding Coffey, born Aug. 3, 1922. He also died shortly after birth. Fred Oral was their third child, born Mr. 16, 1924, followed by Ora Lee, born Feb. 27, 1927.

Census records for 1910 places the family in the Globe Twp., and in 1930 in the Johns River Twp. I have not found them in 1920.

According to his WW1 draft registration card, Hillie was of medium height and build with light blue eyes and dark brown hair. He was a self-employed farmer who lived with his wife in Collettsville, NC.

I have not found any information about Bessie. Anyone who has researched this family and has birth and death dates, as well as burial location, please contact me.

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