April 15, 2007

James Russell Coffey

James Russell Coffey is one of the last remaining veterans of WW1. I recently replied to an e-mail with the following information pertaining to him:

The earliest info that I can find on Russell begins in Crawford Co., OH in 1850. The entire family remained in Crawford Co., OH up to at least Russell.

I'll work from Russell back:

1900 Census: Russell, born Sep. 1898, son of George, born Jan. 1869 in OH (Surname spelled Coffey in census; George was a farmer)

1880 Census: George in household with Michael and Mary B. Coffey [sic]. Michael was a farmer who was born in OH, father in Ireland and mother in NY. Mary and her parents were born in Baden (Germany).

1870 Census: George, born c1865*, son of Michael, born 1837 in OH. (Surname spelled Coffee; Michael was a wagon maker)

1860 Census: Michael, born c1833*, born OH, wife is named Barbara, born Baden. George obviously not born yet. (Surname is spelled Coffee; Michael is wagon maker)

In 1850 I found Michael in the household with 36-yr old Michael Sheridan. (Surname spelled Coffee; Michael was a wagon maker, born Ireland, and wife Ann, age 48, born NY). Ann may be Michael's remarried mother.

Other children in the family were:

Michael Coffee, age 13, born OH

Matthew Lynch, age 11, born Ireland

Andrew Coffee, age 9, born OH

John Coffee, age 4, born OH

Margaret Sheridan, age 4, born OH

I didn't find anything about the Coffee family on Ancestry. Neither did I check 1840 because I don't know who Michael's father was. I haven't checked Ancestry for the Sheridan family either. It appears that Russell's ancestors came to America from Ireland shortly before the Civil War, perhaps earlier.

Name: James R. Coffey
Serial Number: 5284607
Race: W
Residence: Creston, O.
Enlistment Division: National Army
Enlistment Location: Columbus, O.
Enlistment Date: 12 Oct 1918
Birth Place: New Washington, O.
Birth Date / Age: 1 Sept 1898
Assigns Comment: Students' Army Training Corps OSU Columbus O to Discharge Private Honorable discharge 12 Dec 1918.
Volume #: 3 Official Roster of Ohio Soldiers, Sailors and Marines in the World War, 1917-1918. Vol. I-XXIII. Columbus, OH, USA: F. J. Heer Printing Co., 1926.

*age differences are likely result of census taker error

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