April 17, 2007

Who did Adolphus Penley Marry?

Adolphus Penley was born Feb., 1864 in Watauga Co., NC, the son of Adolphus W. and Elizabeth Triplett Penley. Adolphus W. was born c1821 in NC and Elizabeth was born there c1835.

Adolphus the younger was found unmarried and living with his parents in the 1870, 1880,1900, and 1910 census record for Blue Ridge Twp., Watauga Co. His mother, Elizabeth Triplett Penley was still living and in the household with Adolphus in 1910. He obviously married sometime between 1910 and 1920 because the 1920 census records him as a widower with two children in the household: Velma Triplett, a daughter, age 18, and Jowe [?] Triplett, a son, age 15.

I presume - always dangerous, of course - that the Triplett name was an error, or he actually gave both children the Triplett name to honor his mother's family. In any event, I have not found a marriage for Adolphus.

His daughter Velma married Milton Leroy Coffey, born Jul. 10, 1900 in Watauga Co. He was the 12th of 13 children born to James C. and Mary Louise Coffey Coffey. James was a son of Jesse Calton and Nancy Raines Coffey while Mary Louise was the daughter of James Asbury and Chainey Gragg Coffey.

Milton and Velma - referred to as Velma Penley in some birth records, and Velma Triplett in others, had at least 13 children:

Ronard Leroy, born Jul. 4, 1921, died Oct. 10, 1999. He married Nina C. Turnmire and produced at least two children: Richard Michael, born 1955 and Marie Marherine, born 1957.

Toss Lee, born Nov. 30, 1922. He did not appear with the family in the 1930 census.

Flocy [sic] Mae, born Nov. 30,1922, died Jul. 22, 1923.

Winnie Lee, born Jun. 12, 1924, married Carol Rhymer Hartley Oct. 16, 1943.

Romy Triplett, born Sep. 11, 1927, died Nov. 18, 1927.

James Adolphus, born Sep. 24, 1928, died May 22, 1961, married Gertrude Green Jun. 30,1951.

Ward Stanley, born Nov. 13, 1930. died Jul. 10,2003.  Married Dorothy Elizabeth Griffith.

Junie Juanita, born Oct. 21, 1933, died Jul. 4, 1974.  Married Tom Howard Walker Sep. 30, 1952.

Reba Julia, born Apr. 9, 1936, died Nov. 4, 2007.  Married Raymond Sylvester Price Mar. 29, 1954.

Sanuel Odous, born Aug. 21, 1938

Mozelle Etta, born Aug. 11, 1940

Mary Wylmouth [sic] [Wilma], born Feb. 16, 1943, died Mar. 17, 2011.  Married 1) Albert Price in 1970; m2 Richard T. Horn

Jeanette Emma, born Sep. 9. 1946

Please contact me if you know who Adolphus married, or wish to add to or correct any of this information.

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