May 9, 2007

2008 Coffey Cousins' Convention

UPDATE: Due to hotel scheduling conflicts, the 2008 Reunion will be held at The Natural Bridge Inn near Lexington, VA on May 2-4, 2008. This is one week later than normal, but is the earliest we could book sufficient rooms for our meeting.

As more details become available they will be published here, as well as on the Coffey Cousins' website. They will also be printed in the Dec., 2007 and Mar., 2008 Coffey Cousins' newsletters.

Where will you be on the last full weekend in April, 2008? Hopefully you will be attending the Coffey Cousins' Convention to be held in Lexington, VA.

The actual dates are (check in) April 24, 2008 through (depart) Apr. 27, 2008. Come early or stay late and see this magnificant area in one of the most significant states in the lives of our Coffey ancestors. There are likely more Coffey families in this area than in any place else in the United States.

Think about this historical area! Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson walked in this area. Both Lee and Jackson are buried at Lexington. The Lee Chapel and Museum, Stonewall Jackson home, Virginia Military Institute (VMI), The George C. Marshall museum, Hunter's Rain Civil War Trail, and Washington and Lee University are all places you should see.

I will write more about this convention as details become clearer. In the meantime, visit The Historic Rockbridge website and ask for a copy of their visitor's guide. It's an impressive booklet, and does much more justice describing the area than I can here.

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