May 12, 2007

General John E. Coffee of Georgia

Back in Jan., 2006 I wrote about the two generals Coffee, one a son of Peter Coffey, Jr., and wife Sarah Smith. John is recorded in the History of Dodge County [GA, Cobb, Addiie Davis : Atlanta, Foote & Davies Co., 1932, pgs 271] as having fought in the War of 1812.

Today I received the following from Frank V. Coffee, a descendant of General John E. Coffey:

"Gen. John E. Coffee is believed to have fought with Jackson in the 1817-18 Seminole War in Florida and he was active in the numerous skirmishes designed to ultimately drive the Indians from Georgia.

I'm pretty sure he didn't fight in the War of 1812 because during that time he was engaged in moving his family from Powelton, Georgia, to the banks of the Ocmulgee and establishing his plantation there.

In 1838, for reasons I have never been able to ascertain, almost all the Coffees remaining in Jacksonville, Georgia, following the General's death moved en masse to Madison County, Florida, via the so-called Old Coffee Road."

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