June 15, 2007

Collettsville, NC Historical Society (Update Jun. 1, 2008)


This website is now off-line.


A new website is now available for western North Carolina family researchers. The recently formed Collettsville Historical Society, Inc. has claimed space on the web to display their work, membership information, and other items of interest to genealogists. One of the first large projects to be included thus far are the cemeteries of the area.

According to the website, their area of interest is the "northwestern section of Caldwell County from Wilson Creek, including Johns River to Mulberry Creek."

The village of Collettsville is located in the foot hills of western North Carolina in northwestern Caldwell County. The town is at the confluence of Mulberry Creek and Johns River. We have recently been discovered by the outside world of land developers as a wonderful place to live. We agree. At the same time we realize that our heritage and culture as we know it today will rapidly change.
The introduction further explains that many of the first settlers of the area were the Collett, White, Webb, Estes, Greene, Franklin, Coffey and Gragg families.
If your family came from this area of Caldwell County you probably will want to visit this site on a regular basis. Because it is new, it will continue to grow and add material almost daily.
It is also a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation which means that all donations to it, monetary or otherwise, are tax deductable.
Click on the title link to visit the Society's website.

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