June 18, 2007

Elkanna and Elizabeth (Betty) Godsey Dellinger

Elkanna was a brother to Reuben. He married Betty on Mar. 15, 1848 in North Carolina, and probably in Rockingham Co. They appeared there in the 1850 and 1860 census. Elkanna is thought to have died in 1865 and Betty in 1900.

There were at least nine children born to this couple:

Obedience C. Dellinger, born c1849 - no other information.

Mary Frances Dellinger, born c1851, died Jun. 27, 1931. She married her cousin James Pinkney Dellinger. Read Reuben's blog entry for more information.

Martha A. (Mattie) Dellinger, born c1854 in Rockingham Co., died 1930 in Caldwell Co. She married Thomas Coffey in Caldwell Co. in 1891. Thomas had previously been married to Martha Cordelia Gragg and had children: Monroe, born 1883, died 1955; John Sherman, born May 1886; and William Kelly, born 1888, died 1940. It is yet unclear whether he and Mattie had children of their own.

Thomas R. Dellinger, born c1856 in Rockingham Co., married Eveline McKinney. There are two know children: Sarari Josephine (Josie), born Jan. 1, 1883, died Mar. 19, 1979. She married Samuel Monroe Coffey on Dec. 15, 1901 in North Carolina; and Samuel Dellinger, born c1888, who married Julia Coffey c1911. Julia was a daughter of Eldelano (L.D.) and Mary E. Austin Coffey.

Joseph C. N. Dellinger, born Nov. 1858, died 1938 in North Carolina. He married Nancy Elizabeth (Lizzie) Coffey, born Mar. 1860, died 1940. She was the daughter of Zacheus (Zack) and Margaret (Granny Peggy) Coffey Coffey. Joseph and Lizzie had at least five children: Margaret, born Aug., 1879; Thomas B., born Aug., 1881; Mary M., born Jul. 1885; Rosa Belle, born Sep. 19, 1890, died Aug. 1, 1973; and Dora S., born Aug., 1896. Rosa Bell married Samuel Keller.

Frances Elizabeth (Fanny) Dellinger, born 1864 in Caldwell Co., died 1946 in Norfolk, VA. She married David Obadiah Gragg, a son of Leason and Martha Renia Coffey Gragg. They had at least 10 children, some of which married back into the Coffey, Gragg and Dellinger families. I will write more about this family at a later date.

Walter Dellinger married Polly Woodie - no other information except that they had a son named Charles.

Biddie Dellinger - no other information.

John Dellinger - no other information.

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