August 17, 2007

Jesse (Red Eye) Coffey

Jesse, whose middle name may be Cleveland, was born c1859 to Cleveland and Mary Ann Miles (Mills?) Coffey in Watauga or Caldwell Co., NC. He died Jan. 31, 1941 in Caldwell Co. Jesse married Lucinda Louisa (Lou) Coffey on Sep. 20, 1878 in Watauga Co. Lucinda was the daughter of Jesse Calton and Nancy Raines Coffey. Cleveland was uncle to Jesse Calton.

"Red Eye" and Lou had seven children:

Mary Elizabeth Coffey, born Aug. 23, 1877 in Watauga Co., died Aug. 1, 1956 in Blowing Rock, Watauga Co. She married Haywood Hatley in Caldwell Co. in 1899. Haywood is buried in White Springs Cemetery in Watauga Co. and, Mary is believed to also be buried there. They were parents of 11 children: Mancenie (Cenie), born Oct. 3, 1903, died May 28, 1974; Alice V., born c1905, died 1924; Omie Devada, born Apr. 3, 1907, died Mar. 26, 1972; Jannie Delana, born Feb. 27, 1909, died Sep. 22, 1988; Ernest C., born c1912; Robert Woodrow, born Mar. 15, 1915, died 1991; Beulah Doris, born Feb. 19, 1916, died Feb. 15, 1971; William Jay (Bill), born Jul. 18, 1918, died Jul. 19, 1988; Jessie, born c1919; Ethel Blanche, born Mar. 8, 1921; and Daisy Pearl, born Jan. 21, 1928, died Jan. 19, 1986

Sarah E. E., born Oct., 1881 in Caldwell Co., married first to James W. Gragg, a son of Leason and Martha Renie Coffey Gragg. James was born Oct. 19, 1883 in Caldwell Co., and died there in Jun. 15, 1926. They were married c1906 in Caldwell Co. There were 10 children born to this marriage: Stella Lou, born Apr. 17, 1906; Nancy Elizabeth, born May 11, 1907; Hester, born Feb. 2, 1909, died Mar. 14, 1948; Florence, born c1911; Columbus Newton, born Feb. 12, 1912, died Jun. 30, 1979; Albert Robert, born Jul 23, 1913, died Dec. 22, 1989; Piolet P., born c1916, died Jan. 16, 1939, married Joseph Monroe Coffey, a son of Julius Adore and Aston Jane Dellinger Coffey; Leason Obidiah, born 1916, died Feb. 23, 1986, married Nell Elizabeth Coffey, daughter of Julius Calvin and Clearcy Adams Coffey; Lue Cenia, born Mar. 25, 1918, died Oct., 1986; and Joseph, born c1920.

William Carlton (Will), born Jan. 1884, died Nov. 30, 1957. He married Bessie Mae Townsend, born Jan. 22, 1890, died Dec. 26, 1956, in Caldwell Co. in 1907. They were parents of 11 children: Lula, born Jul. 1, 1908, died 1989; Joe Cleveland, born Aug. 19, 1912, died Apr. 24, 1994; Rose Ellen, born Jan. 19, 1914, died 1914; Emma, born Apr. 24, 1915, died 1930; George Thomas (Pig Tom), born Aug. 29, 1917, died Jan. 3, 2007, married Cordelia Viola Coffey, daughter of Thomas Newton (Black Tom) and Ella Mae Loudeermilt Coffey. Thomas Newton and George Thomas were second cousins; Nancy Elizabeth, born Oct. 6, 1919, died 1989, married Dillard Green Coffey, a son of David William and Dessie Crump Coffey. Dillard and William Calton were distant cousins. John William, born Oct. 24, 1922, died May 31, 2007; Lillie Ruth, born Aug. 22, 1924, died Jan. 26, 2003, married Roby Clint Coffey, a son of Horance Clinton and Viola T. Cook Coffey. Roby and William Walton were close cousins. Troy Abner, born Apr. 27, 1927; Cora Lee, born Apr. 30, 1930; and Monroe Jackson, born Jan. 4, 1934.

Jesse Cleveland, born Dec. 1888 in Caldwell Co., married Eliza Loudermilt in 1910 in Caldwell Co. They were parents of at least six children: Annie Rivers, born 1911, died 1952; Nannie B., born c1912, married William Glenn Coffey, a son of Jesse Calton and Julia E. Hollifield Coffey. Nannie and William were close cousins. Lester Devarlin, born c1914; Zelma, born c1915; Nettie J., born Feb. 27, 1920; and Jerry Baxter, born 1923, died 1973.

James Perry, born c1885, died 1971 in Caldwell Co. He married Bertha Noblett c1905 in North Carolina. Their children were six: James Perry, Jr., born c1917; Jessee Logan, born 1917, died 1973; Troy William, born Oct. 29, 1920, died Feb. 16, 1995; Rosey, born c1924; Catherine, born about Jan. 1926; and George Thomas, born May 19, 1928, died Dec. 21, 1989.

Thomas Newton (Black Tom), born May 1890 in Caldwell Co., died there in 1940. He married Ella Mae Loudermilt in Caldwell Co. in 1909. She was born Oct. 1891 and died in Caldwell Co. in 1975. They were parents of 11 children: Mary, no dates' Missouri Ann (Zudie), born Nov. 10, 1910, died Aug. 4, 2003; Arizona (Zone), born 1912, married Harrison Thomas Coffey, a son of Willart T. "Iron Foot" and Eliza Alice Townsend Coffey; Epsey Magdelene, born 1916, died 1989; Arlie Clinton, born Jun. 24, 1918, died Sep. 25, 1974; Cordelia Viola (Cordie), born Aug. 14, 1920, died Jan., 1983, married George Thomas "Pig Tom" Coffey; Clinton (unsure of this one), born c1923; Rosie Annalee, born Sep. 30, 1924, died Feb. 9, 1971; Abner Willie, born May 9, 1925, died Sep 3, 1989; Lewis Monroe, born Nov. 5, 1929, died Dec. 5, 2004; and Spencer, born Nov. 6, 1930.

[Jan. 23, 2008: There were two other children born to this union between Thomas Newton and Ella Mae: Ruby Mae, born c1932 and Johnny Ray, born c1934. Two additional children may have been part of this family as well. They are Dolly Alwilma (Wilma, Lewilma?), and Ella May. No birth records have been found for them. Dolly married Leonard Dayton Coffey. A Dolly Coffey is listed as sister in the obituaries of several of Tom and Ella's known children. Please contact me if you can connect any of these children to the correct families.]

Rosa Bell (Rosie), born Sep. 1893, Caldwell Co., married Joseph Townsend. Their children were Mary, born c1914; Matilda Beatrice (Tilda), born 1916, died 1917; and Frank Lewis, born Oct. 14, 1919, died Mar. 28, 1999.

I have other spouses, children and dates. Please contact me at the below e-mail address for more information or, to add to or correct any of these data.

Lula married  Herbert Church on Aug. 13, 1932 in Boone.

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