August 15, 2007

Martin Coffey (1762-1867)

Martin Coffey is said to be a son of the so-far unfound Chesley and Jane Cleveland Coffey. Those of you researching Chesley know what I mean. He was allegedly born Sep. 15, 1762 in Essex Co., VA and died Nov. 27, 1867 in Wayne Co., KY.

A Martin Coffey is known to have married two or three times*. I know of two wives: His first wife was Nancy Phelps who he married on Aug. 17, 1798 in Madison Co., KY. There were at least six children born to this union:

Mary, born Sep. 16, 1799, died Aug. 24, 1881. She married Henry Meadows on Mar. 24, 1818 in Barren Co., KY. He was born Mar. 28, 1797 in Russell Co., KY, and died in Berwick, Warren Co., IL on Jan. 13, 1851. They had children: James V., born 1825, died 1911; Henry Winfrey, born 1831, died 1896; Althea, born 1834, died 1924; Artemesia, born 1836, died 1919, and Erastus, born 1842, died 1882.

Martin, born c1804 and Elizabeth, born c1811 - nothing known

Nancy Ellen, born c1813, married William Perry Meadows on Apr. 15, 1831 in Barren Co., KY. He was born Jun. 26, 1811 in Wayne Co., and died Apr. 24, 1870 in Warren Co., IL. I do not know of any children.

Artemesia, born c1817 in Wayne Co., married William Kelsay on Sep. 10, 1835 in Wayne Co. He was born c1810 in TN and died c1850 in Russell Co.

Joel, born c1818, married first to Permilia Haynes. She was born c1818 in Russell Co. They were married Jul. 31, 1836in Russell Co. There were at least three children born to this marriage: Martha Ellen, born c1838, Logan C., born c1843 and Quincy, born c1844. Permilia died sometime before 1855 when Joel married for a second time, this time to Mary Ann Mann. She was born c1835 in Virginia. Their children were: Baxter, born c1857, James W., born c1859, Theodore, born c1861; Viola O., born c1863, Ebenezer, born c1866 and Helen M., born c1870. Joel and his family were in Russell Co. at least from 1836 through 1880. I do not have a death date for him.

Martin's second wife is said to be Nancy Heriford (var). She was born 1795 in Jamestown, Russell Co., and died there in 1875. Their children were:

James, born Sep. 7, 1818, died Jul. 27, 1897. He married first on Jun. 30, 1836 to Martha (Patsy) Tucker, born Dec. 7, 1818 in Wayne Co., KY and died Mar. 7, 1877 in McKinney, Lincoln Co., KY. Their children were at least 12: James Washington, born 1837, died 1840, William Martin, born 1838, died 1890, Francis Marion, born 1840, died 1933, Moses, born 1843, died 1902, George Alfred (Dr.), born 1845, died 1919, Albert Galatin, born 1847, died 1929, Henry Jackson, born 1850, died 1929, Robert Blain, born 1852, died 1927, Mildred Ann, born 1854, died 1935, Nancy, born 1857, died 1928, Eliza Ann, born 1859, died 1861, and Sarah Elizabeth, born 1861. James' second wife was Clarinda Estes, born c1826 in KY. They were married Jan. 8, 1879. I do not know of any children.

Frances, born c1819 in KY, married George M. Brown Aug. 28, 1843 in Russell Co. I have not found any children yet.

Golson Wilson, born 1822 in Jamestown, Russell Co., married Rebecca Ann Shackleford Sep. 10, 1895 in KY. She died c1891. Their children were William F., born 1844, Ruben G., born 1847, Martin, born 1855, Nancy J., born 1856, James R., born 1858, Laura B., born 1859, and SarahF., born 1861.

Andrew, born c1823 in Jamestown, married there on Jun. 29, 1844 to Sarah A. Bernard, born c1826 in KY. Their children were: John W., born 1845, James W., born 1850, Golson W., born 1851, Lucinda Jane, born 1853, Frances A., born 1855, Walton N., born 1858, Elizabeth Ann, born 1860, Nancy, born 1862, Thomas A., born 1865, Edgar, born unknown, and Bryan A., born 1871.

John C., born 1828 in Jamestown, married Nancy LNU. Children were Martin A., born 1851, David F., born 1853, James W., born 1855, William Jefferson, born 1857, and Minerva E., born 1859.

Update, Feb. 9, 2013:

*Some researchers believe a third wife - actually his first wife - was Elizabeth Bronson (1762-1798).  I have seen some of those genealogies but, have not been able to confirm any information.  One proposed descendant of this marriage was Joel Coffey who married Ann Sharp[e] of Virginia.

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