August 13, 2007

Looking for help!

I have the following Coffey families from Caldwell Co., NC that I am unable to place with their parents.

  • Finley C. Coffey, m. Verdie Corpening - a child was Francis Nadine, born 5.18.1840

  • Finley C. Coffey, m. Sarah Pearson - a child was Magalener, born 3.1.1910

  • Henry C. Coffey, m. Ruth Ann Carter - a child was Frances Irene, born 7.27.1937

  • Jasper P. Coffey, m. Mary Jane Minton - a child was Ellis Lafayette, born 7.3.1888

  • Clarence M. Coffey, m. Bessie Simmons - a child was Peggy Jean, born 10.24.1930

  • Wm. H. Coffey, m. Mattie Maltba - a child was Albert Lee, born 6.9.1906 [Mattie could be d/o Wm. Zacharia and Mary Ann Maltba Coffey!?]

  • James C. Coffey, m. Etta Ann Barnette - a child was John Parlier, born 3.13.1896

  • Wm. Monroe Coffey, m. Polly Ann S. Coffey - a child was John Lee, born 9.23.1898 [Wm. Monroe Coffey and Mary Chandler Coffey also had a son named John Lee]

  • Margaret A. Coffey, no husband given - a child was Collis Ray, born 4.4.1911

  • Robert Lee Coffey, m. Jennie Celia Carlton - a child was Fanry [?] Isabell, born 12.18.1911

  • Amanda Coffey, no husband given - a child was Mattie Mae, born 1.9.1900

  • James William Coffey, m. Myra Sudderth - a child was Pearl Lucille, born 6.10.1912 [A Myra Sudderth also married Henry Coffey]

  • Geo. Wash. Coffey, m. Emma Rice - two children: Sidney Thomas, born 6.30.1914 and Auburn Zale, born 9.4.1927

  • Harrison Coffey, m. Wincie R. Teague - two children: Earl H., born 10.28.1907 and Grace Bell, born 11.1.1906

  • George G. Coffey, m. Ella Barnette - a child was Vernon Smith, born 11.17.1912

  • Thos. W. Coffey, m. Mary Lou E. Robbins - a child was Charlie Lee, born 6.14.1907

  • Robert Finley Coffey, m. Crettie Ritch - three children: Beulah Evelyn, born 8.22.1923; Lena Faye, born 5.26.1932, and Beadie Owen, born 2.27.1934*

Please contact me at the e-mail address below if you can help identify any of these people.

*Identified: Robert Finley was a son of Thomas Hall and Cora Ellen Tolbert Coffey. I have five children for them: Beulah Evelyn, born 8.22.1923; Thomas Henry, born 1925, died 1999; Lena Faye, born 5.26.1932; Beadie Oden, born 2.27.1934, and Robert Claude, born 1936. I have not found them in the 1930 census schedule.

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