November 11, 2007

A Great Idea wasn't so good!

The idea that I posted here a few days ago about sending Christmas cards to GI's at Water Reed has been shot down [absolutely no pun intended]!

According to, the U.S. Postal Service will not accept mail addressed to "Any Soldier," "Any Wounded Soldier," or the like because it could be providing a way for someone to do hard to them.

So, a good idea becomes a bad idea.

Check out the "rest of the story" by clicking on the above Snopes link.

Perhaps readers can still do something by contacting their local American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), etc. for ideas about how to cheer up a vet over the holidays.

I'm sorry for this, but being a vet myself it sure sounded like not only a good idea, but a great idea.

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