November 12, 2007

William B. and Delilah Trentham Coffey

I received the following from Jo Ann Hatch in Arizona. Jo Ann is seeking help in locating ancestors and descendants of William and Delilah. If any reader has information that might be helpful, please contact Jo Ann at jashatch1 [@]*

Coffey family of South Carolina, Georgia and Texas

(I am searching for a Coffey male descendant of this family to submit a DNA test that we might know where to go with our search from here. I will pay for the test.)

In 1998 proof was found that William B. Coffey is the father of the Texas Coffey family of Rich Coffey. This and many other items have come to light, that make the correction on this Coffey line.

William B. Coffey md. Delisey (Delilah) Trentham in Hall Co. Ga. in 1822. Delilah Trentham is the daughter of Absolom Trentham, in whose family Bible the birth of Richardson "Rich" Coffey is recorded. There is also a note in that Bible that the Coffey family moved to Texas.

William appears on the 1840 U.S. Census of Campbell Co., GA.(now Fulton County). Land deed shows William B. of Fayette County buying land in Chatooga Co., GA.

William B. and Delia appear on the 1850 U.S. Census of Chatooga Co., GA. South Carolina is given as the birth place of both William and Delia.

William B. and Delia appear on the 1860 U.S. Census of Parker Co., Texas. The birth place of William is again given as South Carolina, but, Delia's birthplace is Georgia on this census.

The birth date of Delily Trentham (20 Nov, 1804) is from the family Bible of Absolom and Mary Williams Trentham This same Bible has the birth of Delily's first child, Richardson Coffey recorded as 14 Feb. 1823. It also states that Delily married M R Coffey, which I take to be Mr. Coffey and in the margin is a note (Texas) indicating to me that they moved to Texas.

There is a headstone in the Dean SW Cemetery in Parker County Texas which says: “William B. Coffey, 12/20/63. Early Pioneer Family.”

After her husband died Delila went to the Colorado River area of Llano Co., Texas with daughter Jane's family. She died 21 January 1873 and is buried in the Bluffton Cemetery in Llano County.

William B. and Delilah Coffey were the parents of five children:

Richardson (Rich) Coffey who married Sarah Greathouse and became a well known rancher in Coleman, Parker and Concho Counties in Texas.

Elizabeth Coffey who married Joseph Warren Beddo and is a widow with two children living with her parents in the 1850 Chatooga Co. Ga. Census. Her two Beddo sons went to Texas with their Uncle Rich. Elizabeth may have gone also, or remarried. I cannot find her after the 1850 census.

Clominda Jane Coffey born 4 Nov 1827. She married Solomon Geeth Maxwell.

Thursa M. Coffey married Joseph E. Sentle on 9 Oct 1851 in Chatooga Co., Ga.

John Henderson Coffey married Mary Elizabeth Gray 10 Sept. 1865 in Parker Co. Texas.

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