April 5, 2008

'We're related in history'

The following is an excerpt from an article which appears in today's on-line edition of the News-Record in Greensboro, NC. It was authored by staff writer, Myla Barnhardt:

EIDSVILLE — They are two men whose only connection would seemingly be the name they share — David Wilson.

One is black. One is white.

One lives in New York City. The other lives in Reidsville.

One is 30. One is 65.

But venture back several generations and you'll find an intersection in their heritages: Sunrise Plantation in northern Caswell County.

In the 1800s, the tobacco farm was one of the largest in the region, stretching along the Dan River near the North Carolina state line, 10 miles into Virginia.

And it's there, on that once massive estate, that one David Wilson's great-great-granddaddy owned the other's great-great-granddaddy.

Click on the News-Record link above to read the entire article.

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