June 30, 2008

Hugh Coffey

A Google book search for Coffey found "Opinions Rendered to the State Land Board" within the book Documents of the Senate of the State of New York [short title]. It was published in 1917 by the New York State Senate.

Beginning on page 523, the article addresses the intestate death in New York City on May 3, 1881 of Hugh Coffey. His heirs included a brother, Robert Coffey, who "came to this country from Ireland and was naturalized in 1855, and died November 3, 1875, intestate, a widower, leaving one daughter, Elizabeth, his only heir-at law, who subsequently married one Rufus Lisk."

Coffeys are also mentioned on pps 30-31, 34-35.

Click on the title link for a complete read of the cited page. This is a "full view" book and available for download in PDF. The download size is 24.3 megabytes.

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