July 7, 2008

Reuben Coffey

This Reuben was a son of Joseph and Louisa J. Jones Coffey.  He was born Oct. 13, 1875 in Wayne Co., KY and died by homocide on Mar. 17, 1943 in Slavans, McCreary Co., KY.  I do not know the circumstances surrounding his murder.

He married Mary Alice Vaughn on Dec. 25, 1895 in Tennessee.  Mary was born Nov. 29, 1877 and died Dec. 17, 1954 in McCreary Co. 

Both are buried in the Cedar Grove Church Cemetery in McCreary Co.

There were at least 11 children born to Reuben and Mary:

Emma, born Apr. 6, 1898, died Jan. 23, 1982.  She married Joseph Kurtis [sic] Roberts in KY c1923.  He was born Jun. 28, 1886 in Wayne Co., and died on Jun. 18, 1962 in Kentucky.  The children found so far were:  Kathleen, born c1926; Hobart, born c1928; and Clara, born c1929.

Perk, born c1901 in Wayne Co., died unknown.  He married Lula LNU c1922 in KY.  Their known children were: Victor, born c1925; Donald, born c1926; Pauline, born c1927; and Stanley, born Dec., 1929.

Oda, born c1902 in Wayne Co., married Alice Jones, c1920 in Kentucky.  Their known children were:  Oda, born Apr. 25, 1922; Stella, born Jun. 15, 1923; Mary Etta, born Oct. 26, 1925; and Conley, born c1928.

John Herbert, born Aug. 20, 1906 in Wayne Co., and died Jan. 5, 1962 in McCreary Co.  He married Lillie Dobbs, born Nov. 30, 1910 in Whitley Co., KY to Thomas and Julia Jones Dobbs.  Lillie doed Sep. 19, 2000 in Stearns, McCreary Co.

Lonia, born c1908

Nelson, born Apr. 11, 1911, died Feb.,1980

George, born c1914

Sterling E., born Apr., 1916, died 1985.  He married Ester Dobbs, sister to Lillie.

Clyde Estill, born Dec. 26, 1918 in KY, married Dora Dobbs, also a sister to Lillie.

Fordie (male), born May 28, 1921, died Dec., 1982

Carl Homer, born 1923 in McCreary Co., died Jul. 1992 in Kentucky.  He married Ada Clark.  I have one child for them:  Joyce Coffey who married Truesdell Coffey, a son of Matthew and Alma Lou Smith Coffey.  Truesdell died when he accidentally shot himself while hunting on Nov. 13, 2007.

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  1. Josiah Brown3:34 PM

    Wow. This is my great-great grandfather. I am the grandson of Fordie's son George Lincoln.

  2. Anonymous10:01 PM

    Truesdell Coffey was my uncle and Joyce Coffey is my aunt. The children of Homer Coffey and Ada Clark are as follows:

    Joyce Coffey
    George Allen Coffey
    Lana Coffey
    Larry Coffey
    Don Coffey
    Brenda Coffey
    Cindy Coffey
    Gary Coffey
    Nita Coffey
    Mike Coffey

    1. Anonymous3:42 PM

      Anita is the next to last name on this list.

  3. Anonymous6:43 AM

    Rueben was my great grandfather, George my grandfather, George married Lucy Haynes of Wayne County, 28 Dec. 1946. Their children were, Norman, David (my dad), Harley, Phillip, Phyllis, Roy, Kelly, Gary, and Denisa. Norman and Gary died very young/ infants. George's birthday is 24 Aug. 1913 and died 27 Mar 1967, in Detriot, Mi. Thanks David J Coffey "Jeff"

  4. Thank you Jeff. I'll update my files with your info.

  5. James Oda Coffey born July 16,1902 in Wayne Co., KY died July 1, Pulaski Co., Ky and is buried in the Dobbs Cemetery McCreary Co., Ky Married Alcie Elizabeth Jones on August 18,1919 in Scott Co., TN Sje was born August 20,1901 McCreary Co., KY and died November 8,1990 in McCreary Co., KY and is buried in the Cedar Grove Cemetery McCreary Co., KY They had the following children; Gracie Coffey(we suspect this child was still born),Stella Coffey b. 6-15-1923, Mary Etta Coffey b. 10-26-1925, Grover Conley Coffey b. 12-22-1927, Bessie Alice Coffey b. 7-13-1929, Cloie Jean Coffey b. 6-9-1930, Lola Lee Coffey (still living), Reba Emma Coffey b. 2-22-1936, James Ellard Coffey b. 8-1-1942, and Verniece Coffey b. 1-21-1945. Reuben and Mary Alice Vaughn Coffey were my husbands great grandparents, James Oda was his grandfather and Mary Etta was his mother. ~ Susan


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