August 25, 2008

Find A Grave

I have been "using" the Find A Grave website for about a year, searching with some success for various grave sites, and in particular for photographs of headstones.  So, as a way to sort of "pay back" this excellent service, manned totally by volunteers, I took the plunge and today uploaded some photos and headstone information for the Allwood (aka El Bethel) Cemetery in Amherst Co.,  VA.

The photos were generously provided to me by the now famous "Coffeytown" John Taylor.

I have more cemetery information and photographs from John that I plan to upload in the near future.  I can tell you though, uploading one picture at a time is sure a time waster!  The Find A Grave website is (in my estimation) somewhat difficult to navigate when uploading.  Perhaps it's because I'm a "newbie!"

If you're interested in the Coffey and Coffey connected families buried at this cemetery, check out Find A Grave.  You can reach the Allwood site by clicking here.

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