August 27, 2008

Jesse and Eleanor Coffey Compton

According to some sources, Eleanor Coffey was born Jan. 9, 1793 in Wilkes Co., NC to John Coffey and Mary Hall.  Mary's maiden name has also not been agreed upon,  Some research shows it as Hull or Harbord.  I do not know which is correct.

John, born c1753, probably in Albemarle Co., VA, was a son of James and Elizabeth Cleveland Coffey.  He died Dec. 27, 1825 in Wilkes Co.  Mary was born Dec. 18, 1755, location unknown.

James Coffey, born Jul 4, 1729 in Essex Co., VA, was a son of John and Jane Graves Coffey.  Elizabeth Cleveland is said by some to be the illegitimate daughter of Grace Cleveland who may have been a daughter of Alexander Cleveland.  Some researchers believe that Elizabeth was the daughter of Edward Coffey, a son of Edward and Ann Powell Coffey, because he eventually married Grace.

By tradition, Alexander's wife has been named Mildred (Milly) Presly.  Her name is also the subject of some controversy.

In my opinion, and to my knowledge, this family arrangement has not been satisfactorily researched.

Eleanor is believed to be the ninth of 11 children born to John and Mary.  Jesse was the son of Hezekiah and Jane Fields Compton.  Jane Fields was the daughter of Thomas Fields and Elizabeth Coffey.  Eleanor is in the fourth generation of descendants of John and Jane Graves Coffey.  Jane Fields is in the third genereation of descendants.

Jesse Compton and Eleanor Coffey are said to have married in Feb., 1819.  They were in Forsyth Co., GA in 1840 and remained there at least through the 1850 census.  Eleanor seems to have died before 1860.  That year found Jesse in the household with his son Marshal in Polk Co., TN.

In addition to Marshall, born c1835, Jesse and Eleanor had at least three other children:  Jane Elvira, born c1821; Mary, born c1825; and Sarah, born c1832.  There were likely others.

Marshal is the only child for whom I have found descendants.  He married Jane, born c1829 in Kentucky, c1856.  Their first two children were Henry, born c1858 and Georgia, born c1859 and were born in TN.  The next child was Lovedy [sic], born c1862 in GA.  In 1870 Jane appeared as a widow in the 1870 Whitfield Co., GA census with those three children as well as a son Caswell [?], born c1867 in GA. 

Marshal enlisted in Co. H., 36th Inf. Regt., GA on Apr. 24, 1862.  He died on May 16, 1863 at Bakers Creek in MS from wounds received there.

Bakers Creek was a battle fought between Union and Confederates as part of the battle at Champion Hill in Hinds Co., MS.  The Raymond Road forded Bakers Creek, and was a Confederate escape route to the Vicksburg road and, of course, into Vicksburg.  The Confederates lost some 4,300 men in the campaign.

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