September 2, 2008

Gustav Update

Heartfelt thanks to everyone that sent e-mail expressing concern for our safety.  We live in NE Louisiana and are on the east side of Gustav's path.  We received, and continue to receive some light to moderate rain and wind.  Total rainfall at our house was just a tad under 3".  Sometimes, we get that much rain in a few hours so it isn't a problem.  The property is sandy loam and drains rather quickly.

We have a small pecan tree grove in front of the house that we were concerned about.  When Rita passed near us a few years ago, the trees were severely damaged, and we feared even more damage this time.  Thankfully, daylight showed that there was no damage to the trees, the house or other out buildings on our property.  A trip around our neighborhood showed that no one had more than a few downed tree limbs.

We lost power around 7 last evening and it was not restored until around 8:30 this morning.  Fortunately, we have a generator equipped motorhome in which we could make coffee and watch storm updates this morning.

Again, thanks to all of you for your concern.


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