September 4, 2008

We Survived!

Gustav made a visit just a few days after we had already received somewhere close to 11 inches of rain.  He dumped an additional 9 inches on us over two days.  All the time the rain was falling we were receiving 20 to 25 knot winds with gusts up to about 35 knots.

We live on a lake, the edge of which is about 20 feet from the deck.  Thankfully, the property slopes at about 45 degrees and for about 4 feet before it reaches the lake.  So, although we do have water where it normally isn't, we are in no danger of it getting into the house.

We have a spare fridge in the boathouse, some 50 feet or so out on the pier.  The water, normally at least 3 feet below the pier, was beginning to lap at the underside.  During the heaviest of rains my wife and I had to move the fridge and place it up on blocks to protect the motor.  It must have been then that I lost my wallet!  Thankfully, the lake quit rising just before the water got high enough to come up through the pier planking.

The sun came out today, clouds cleared and we have a nice day.  Surface water has drained off.  Except for the lost wallet, we fared well! 

Thanks again to all who sent e-mail inquiring about our safety.

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