September 4, 2008

A History of Maries County Missouri

I have not read through all of the file, but eventually will.  I stumbled over the file while searching for information on Marvel Coffey who married Rachel Boone.  I have never been able to figure out who his parents were.

On page 277 of this file, the author - thus far unidentified* - thought he was a son of Smith Coffey and a grandson of Israel Boone, Sr.  The author writes that "Marvel Coffey and his wife were the parents of seven living children when they came here with the Boone colony in 1834." 

Smith and Hannah Boone Coffey were married c1802.  If Marvel was the father of seven children in 1834 then we can approximate his age at that time as "thirty-ish" making his birth year sometime around 1804.  He could be Smith and Hannah's son but, of course, if he was older he probably is not Smith's son.

The author named all of the children of Marvel, including Irvin who married Nancy Hughes.

My file shows Irvin, born 1822, as a son of Charles Oliver and Mary Sally Ramsey Coffey.  He married Nancy Hughes on Nov. 3, 1842 in Jackson, Osage Co., MO.  In the 1850 census Irvin reported his birth state as Kentucky.

The document continues with Irvin's son, John M., born Dec. 15, 1844 in Maries Mo., MO who married Susan Vanderpool.

Most of the information about Irvin in the file, except for his parents, agrees with my information.

Please contact me if you have information about this Marvel and his ancestors and descendants.

*The file begins with page 11 and ends at page 828..  It can be downloaded by clicking on the title link.

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