October 15, 2008

Leonard Carlyle & Mary Elsie Coffey Coffey

Leonard, born May 13, 1903 in Virginia, was a son of Arthur & Virginia Ann (Jenny) Davis Coffey.  He died in Virginia on Aug. 23, 1959.  He was married to  Mary Elsie Coffey, a distant cousin, both descending from William and Elizabeth Osborne Coffey.

Elsie was the daughter of Hiter Webster & Mary Fannie (Mamie) Higginbotham Coffey.  She was born Sep. 5, 1913 in Amherst Co., and died on Nov. 6, 2002 in Vesuvius, Rockbridge Co., VA. 

I do not have their exact marriage date, but it was after 1930.  That year, Elsie was age 16 and still living with her parents in the Pedlar District of Amherst Co.  Leonard, age 26, was still living with his parents in the same area.

This is the last known photo of Elsie before she died in 2002.  Both she and Leonard are buried in the Green Hill Cemetery at Buena Vista, VA.

These families were natives of Coffeytown in Amherst Co.

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