October 12, 2008

Rhodes Gregory

According to his WW1 draft registration, Rhodes Gregory, a son of Frank and Isabelle Gregory, was born in Kentucky on Apr. 4, 1892 in Slavans, KY.  He was 24 years old at the time, and described as being tall and slender with black eyes and brown hair.  He was married and had two children at that time.

A few birth records for his children have been found, and each names the mother as Mattie Bell.  It is not yet clear to me that Bell was her maiden name.  I do know from the 1920 and 1930 census record that her given name was Mattie.

He and Mattie had at least eight children, two of which married into the Coffey family in Wayne Co., KY.

Lula, their third child, was born Jan. 18, 1918 in Wayne Co., and died there on Mar. 28, 1991.  She married Roscoe Coffey, a son of Joseph and Luvada Martin Coffey.  Roscoe was born Apr. 24, 1907 in Kentucky and died in Coopersville, Wayne Co., on Nov. 10, 1988.

Dina, the sixth child of Rhodes and Martha, was born c1925.  She married Inman Coffey, a brother to Roscoe.

Rhodes died in Wayne Co. on Dec. 15, 1969.  I have an unsourced death date for Mattie as Jun. 8, 1950.

Other children born to Rhodes and Mattie were:

Ethel, born Aug., 6, 1914
Lena, born abt Jul., 1916
Marion F., born Jan. 22, 1920
Herman, born Feb. 6, 1925
Nina, born c1926
Leonard, born Oct. 15, 1931
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