December 9, 2008


The electricians and plumbers were on the job yesterday.

All circuits tested out OK, and a couple of new outlets and switches were installed. Heat and air components were commissioned and power applied to the hot water heater. The plumber, who originally cut the holes for master bath basins, and in the progress ruined a $500 countertop, was back to "do it right this time."

I also managed to get the mail box post installed and concreted in place. Today, I will mount the box and, tell the PO to start sending mail to the new address.

The only delay in finishing up the deal between us and the builder is the concrete pad for the Winnebago. We have had lots of rain so far this fall, making it impossible to properly grade and finish the yard or, to dig out and form up the pad. We'll hold out some cash at the closing to make sure that work is completed ASAP.

So, it appears that we might be able to close later this week or, early next.

For future reference, our new address is:
308 Summer Ridge Loop
Sunset, LA 70584
Be sure and check the side bar. There you will find two free downloads by John Taylor.

Also, don't forget the Edward Coffey Project CD. I hope to be able to start making and mailing the CDs again in January.
Hopefully, your Holiday plans are coming along nicely and, the current "economic crisis" isn't interfering with them.

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