December 4, 2008

We're Homeless!


I suspect that if we didn't have a son with a large driveway in which we can park the motorhome, my wife and I would now be officially homeless.  We completed sale of the lake house yesterday, but have not yet closed on new home!

Over the past month or so we have driven more than 5000 miles moving a little bit of our "stuff" each time from the lake house to a storage site near our new residence.  Distance between the two places is about 350 miles, round trip, and we were driving that every other day!  The new house is still under construction - although finishing up fast - so we can't officially move in until final inspections are completed.  Hopefully, that move will be before Dec. 10.

In the meantime we are living in the Winnebago parked in a son's driveway. He and his family live about 30 miles south of our new place.  However, they are on the south side of a moderately large city with lots of traffic.  Navigating northward to our new place through city traffic, and poorly timed traffic signals takes at least an hour. 

During one of the moves I managed to step out of a tall truck, miss the intermediate step and bang my left knee and thigh on a concrete drive.  Problems with a poorly designed (from birth) left ankle compounds the pain problem.  My wife fell to the ground after banging both shins on the tongue of the small trailer we used to move the "stuff."  Fortunately, only her pride was injured!  We have learned that a handful of ibuprofen just before bedtime cures a lot of aches and pains!

I also learned during the final move in which we cleared the lake house of the heavy furniture:  I'm in better shape than my two sons who have mostly sedentary jobs!

Not far from our new home is a very nice senior assisted living facility.  I told the boys that is where Mom an I would move to next.  Both said they would pay for that move.   My comment was facetious; hopefully, theirs was as well!

Hopefully, I'll be back blogging within the next few weeks - perhaps not until after the new year - with information you might find more valuable.

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