February 21, 2009

Macedonia Church, Coffeytown, VA

Macedonia Church @ Coffeytown
This photo of the Macedonia Church was taken recently by Joe Malloy, a trustee of the church.  It was forwarded to me by John Taylor, whom I have mentioned many times in this blog.

If you attended last year's Coffey Cousins' Reunion and made the trip with us to Coffeytown, you'll be certain to recognize the scene.

Some of us ate lunch on the rear deck while others ate under the trees to the right in the photo.  Others of us ate lunch along side the mountain stream that flows in front of the church.  On the other side of the stream, and directly across from the church is "Fiddler's Green," the old homeplace of Daniel Rufus Coffey, a descendant of Jordan Coffey, founder of Coffeytown.

This photo is just too beautiful not to share!


  1. My ancestors are from that area. My Great great grandfather Charles Edward Coffey donated the lumber to built the church.He also built a home for his ex-slaves Billy Ogden and his wife Spicey.

  2. Anonymous1:31 PM

    When is this year's reunion? We have family that are coffey from that area. Jimmie jimbo@ntelos.net

  3. The Reunion is always the last Sunday in July. It was held at Macedonia Church and Fiddler’s Green, but is now completely at the Church in Coffeytown. Usually it starts with a service at 10:30 or 11:00 AM and then progresses to the pot-luck luncheon.


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