February 21, 2009

Samuel Anthony & Lora Destimonia Coffey Aldridge

Lora, a daughter of Joseph Reubin and Martha Elizabeth Gragg Coffey, was born Mar. 3, 1888 in the state of North Carolina.  She died Jun. 12, 1967 in Lenoir, Caldwell Co., and was buried in the Hibriten Baptist Church Cemetery at Lenoir.

Samuel was born Feb. 22, 1893 in Watauga Co. to Harrison and Mary Etta Buchanan Aldridge.  He died Mar. 16, 1966 at Lower Creek in Caldwell Co.  Harrison was a son of Harrison, Sr., and Jincy Clark Aldridge.

He and Lora were married in 1915 in Caldwell Co.  He is buried at the Aldridge Family Cemetery in Watauga Co.

Together, he and Lora had at least eight children:

Howard Glenn, born Sep. 13, 1916 in Watauga Co., and died Jun. 6, 1995 in Catawba Co.

Murphy Lail, born 1918 in Watauga Co., and died 1997 in Caldwell Co.

Edith Flo, born Jan. 24, 1920 in Watauga Co., and died Dec. 11, 1995 in Newton, Catawba Co.  She married Roy Alvin Lowman, born Feb. 2, 1919 in Burke Co., and died May 6, 1982 in Catawba Co.

Audrey Claire, born Sep. 8, 1921

Darrell Claude, born Jul. 28, 1923

Gerald Guy, born Jan. 9, 1926 in Watauga Co., and died Jun. 5, 2005 in Morganton, Burke Co.

Lyle Byard, born Feb. 20, 1928

Ula Dade, born Aug. 14, 1931 in Watauga Co., and died May 25, 1997 in Catawba Co.  She married Billy Jackson Hewitt on Dec. 23, 1949 in York Co., SC and are the parents of several children.

Another of Harrison and Jincy's sons, James A., was born Feb. 1, 1853 in Caldwell Co., died Dec. 20, 1939 in North Carolina.  He married on Jun. 6, 1874 Sarah Gragg, a daughter of Johnson P. and Nancy Jane Cuthbertson Gragg.  James and Sarah's son, Arthur Blaine Aldridge, born Jun. 16, 1884, died Jun. 11, 1947, married Rosa Lee Coffey, a daughter of Jesse Filmore and Martha E. (Mattie) Story Coffey.  Both Arthur and Rosa Lee died and are buried in Tacoma, Pierce Co., WA.

Harrison and Jincy's daughter, Sarah Jane Aldridge married Baird Simeon Gragg, a son of Johnson P. and Nancy Jane Cuthbertson Gragg.

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