May 6, 2009

Coffey Cousins' in 2011

Are you willing, or could you be enticed to host a Coffey Cousins' reunion in 2011?

No kidding, the job is really easy!

The area where the reunion is to held should have some connection to the Coffey family, be it Edward, Peter or some other such as Hugh, etc.

It does not have to be held in a large metropolitan city, although such cities are not out of the question.  We've met in such cities as San Antonio, Baltimore, and Calgary in Alberta, Canada.

A host is charged with finding a hotel that is willing to provide rooms for 30-40 people at a reasonable price.

The hotel should have a meeting room that they provide free of charge in return for a given number of room reservations.

The hotel should also have a dining facility.  Continental breakfasts are probably good, but lunches and dinners should be either buffet or ordered from a menu. 

The hotel should be able to furnish and serve a meal on Saturday night before the business meeting.  Typical meals are fish, beef or steak.  There should be at least two to select from.  The rest of the meal can be bread, vegetables, salads, iced tea and/or coffee.  Prices, including gratuity should not be more than $15 to $20 per person.  The cheaper the better, but the meals should not be skimpy. 

If you live in a small town and hotels with such facilities are not available, the meal can be catered.

Tours are not necessary unless the host believes there is something the group just has to see.  Many of our cousins are restrained by age from walking great distances, or even driving in large cities.  A tour bus that can transport everyone is sometimes necessary.

Advance fees for buses, holding a block of tickets to a performance, or whatever else the host/hostess plans will be advanced by Coffey Cousins.  Actual tour costs, tickets, etc. are payable by each cousin attending, but a host/hostess is not required to put up their own money to assure services for us.

There should be a couple of good restaurants near the hotel; maybe something like TGI Fridays, Bob Evans.  Places that have a national reputation for being clean with good food and reasonable prices are very acceptable.

The host or hostess is typically the "leg man."  Someone local to the reunion is needed because only they are familiar with facilities in their area.  More guidance from the likes of me and hosts of past conventions is readily available via phone call or e-mail.

The host/hostess also runs the event up until Saturday night when the president takes over.  But, there are more volunteers than a host can shake a stick at, so he or she is never left alone to figure out what comes next.

If you are at all interested but would like more info before committing, drop me an e-mail.

If you live in Chattanooga and would like to host, someone is likely to give you a big hug as well!

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