May 6, 2009

More about the 2009 Reunion

Gail Bachman was reelected Vice President.  I have already posted a photo of Nelda, who was reelected to the secretary's job and of Jean Coffey Mower, our 2010 president.  The ladies are a monopoly this year.  The only male officer is Danny Coffey, reelected treasurer.

This is stitched on Gail's cap. 

Ellen and Marguerite, aunt and mother of Gail.  They are all wearing the Coffee caps.

 Rita Popplewell Johnson of Russell Co. was the after dinner speaker.  She listed a long resume of research as well as numerous offices held in genealogical societies and lineal organizations such as DAR.  She outlined the history of  the county and affiliate counties from which it "descended."

And finally, the snakes showed up but didn't cause any panic.  This fellow or gal, as the case may be, was lying in the pathway between me and dinner!  In case you are wondering, it's a Copperhead.

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