November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

A Prayer of Thanksgiving

Father of the Ages,
Thank You for providing everything we need. Thank You for grandparents who prayed for us before we were born as we pray for the grandchildren of our grandchildren. Thank You for teaching us to love by loving us, for all the love You give and we share. Thank You for surrounding us with the miracle of Your creation, for the heavens and the sparrows. Thank You for laughter and others to laugh with, for service and others to serve with. Thank You for health, sight, hearing, hands to work and hands to hold, holidays and beauty, books and music, children, food, rest, homes, and memories. My my, we are so blessed. Thank you for being here, watching, caring, helping. Glory to Your name! Thank You for who You are.

To this I add my thanks for our soldiers and their families whose great sacrifice over the years have made today possible.  We are so fortunate to be Americans!  I have traveled the world and lived in and visited many countries.  Even with all of our faults, there is no other country in the world where freedom is more abundant than here! 

There are however, some in our current government who seem determined to undermine our way of life. 

Be vigil!

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